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Sgt. Nef Anyo
Faction IconCorpusBCorpus
Planet Mars
Mission War
Weapon Lanka
Abilities Light Grenade
Flesh 500
Proto Shield 1000
Ferrite Armor 150
Base Experience 2000
Codex Scans 3
Mod Drops Magazine Warp
Thief's Wit
Reflex Coil
Shocking Touch

Sgt. Nef Anyo is the final boss of Mars system. He can be found on the mission War. After defeating him and completing the mission, you will receive Mag Helmet, Mag Chassis or Mag Systems blueprint. Sgt. Nef Anyo has a chance to drop Gallium and Morphics upon death.


Nef Anyo resembles a Sniper Crewman, though with some aesthetic differences, such as being slightly larger, having a red visor and having a black suit instead of a yellow one.

Sgt. Nef Anyo, like many bosses, has unique taunts. Here is a list of them:

  • "In pods you have come, In caskets you will go!"
  • "Is this a gathering of the freaks?"
  • "I'm only just warming up."
  • "This is your final warning, (player name). Leave this system at once."
  • "You call that skill? (clan name) should be ashamed!"
  • "Orokin [knowledge/secrets] cannot remain secret forever! Start talking!"
  • "That (warframe) would look great hanging on my wall."
  • "I grow tired of waiting, (player name). Will you face me?"
  • "Fashion victims about to become murder victims"
  • "What kind of freak gathering is this?"


  • Nef Anyo is in charge of the Corpus solar rail systems, and has been using them to obtain Cryopods with dormant warframes for resale to rogue scientists and splinter groups. He was targeted for assassination so that the cryopods can be rescued.
  • Despite being the second Corpus boss after the Jackal, due to his vulnerability to shock damage, low shields and low health, he is arguably the weakest boss in the game.
  • He used to have a red visor at first, but it was changed to a blue one like regular crewmen at some point. So far, his visor has gone from red to blue to red and back to blue again over the updates. His visor is now red again for the time being.
  • Prior to Update 7.7.3, there was a glitch where when Nef Anyo cloaked himself, he never uncloaked again, making it difficult to fight him without an Enemy Radar.
  • As of Update 9 Nef Anyo is one of three bosses who do not have an opening cinematic, the other two being Kela De Thaym and the Raptor.
  • As of Update 12, his helmet may pop off, revealing a regular Corpus Crewman head with an unusual texture underneath. (see media)
  • So far the only human Corpus bosses are, Nef Anyo and Alad V.
  • As of Update 13, he has received a new look with yellow patterns on his helmet, and can speak with the normal Corpus Crewman's language.


  • Nef Anyo has two Reflex Coil's in the Codex drop table.
  • It is possible for Nef Anyo to spawn as a Leader variant, this will alter his name, suit color, and buff his stats relative to the Leader type.

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Sgt. Nef Anyo, like his Sniper Crewman counterpart, tends to exploit hide-and-snipe tactics as opposed to the head-on-assault of most bosses.

Offensively, he wields a Lanka rifle, which has a very low fire rate but extremely high damage, capable of knocking down players. He also has the ability to turn invisible using a Light Grenade that he throws at his feet; however, the objective marker will give away his position while he is invisible.

Defensively, his shield is weak, but it's regeneration is almost constant. Anything more than a moment without him taking damage will allow his shields to recharge fully, which means his shield can regenerate between melee strikes. Also, when coming out of his Light Grenade ability, his shield will be fully charged due to him not receiving any damage while invisible (except for melee damage, which is arguably hard to inflict as Nef Anyo is constantly moving while invisible).


RadialBlind Light Grenade ShiningDef
Emits a bright flash of light, blinding all enemies while turning grenade users invisible for short period of time.
Power Strength:
Power Range:
5 Meters
Power Duration:
10 Seconds (Anyo)
5 Seconds (Target)
Sgt. Nef Anyo
Capture Targets

  • Occasionally, Anyo will explode a flashbang and encases himself with an extremely bright light, making him invisible for 10 seconds that is capable of stun blinding enemies in the radius of 5 meters.
  • Anyo will not shoot when invisible.

  • Anyo won't shoot you despite being invisible.
  • Anyo is still vulnerable to melee and all AoE damage in his invisibility.

  • The grenade poses the opposite of Ash's Smoke Screen in spite both are functioning similarly in making their respective users invisible.

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In GeneralEdit

Sgt. Nef Anyo's Lanka is capable of dealing extremely high damage, but it bears low fire rate with projectile travel time in return, keep moving from cover to cover to avoid being shot.

Just like all Corpus, Anyo's shield is weak to , and increased . Alternatively, you can use damage to by-pass his shield completely.

You can reveal his weak point by shooting off his helmet. Shooting his head will deal increased damage.

You can track his location while cloaked with his blue objective marker, the aura Enemy Radar or the mod Enemy Sense. Electrifying and flaming him will also leave the elemental after effects without actually seeing him.

Shooting him with a weapon with travel time like Boltor and Kunai can damage and show him his location, as the projectile stick on the invisible Anyo (In throwing knives' case, the light trail from the weapon will follow the boss).

Resorting to melee attacks is a good strategy as it will still hurt the cloaked Anyo, while preventing his shield to recharge. (Bug)

Utilizing Warframe AbilitiesEdit

Ash and Loki can therefore cloak before reaching him and exploit the melee damage bonus to cut him down without retaliation.

Do not use Rhino's Rhino Stomp when he is still invisible as his cloaking duration does not tick down during the stasis, be sure to wait until he becomes visible before using.

Mag's Shield Polarize is not recommended in this fight, his shield is relatively weak and it recharges almost instantly.

Banshee's Sonic Boom can instantly kill Nef Anyo if used to knock him off of the extraction point or possibly even a tall box when he jumps on top of one (further testing needed). While the first option will make it difficult in obtaining loot, it is effective for quick solo runs to farm Mag parts.

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  • Sergeant Nef Anyo as seen in the lobby (U9)
  • Sgt. Nef Anyo's blue visor during U6
  • Nef Anyo in his new outdoors arena as of U7
  • Nef Anyo prior to U6
  • Nef Anyo, about to deploy cloaking grenade
  • Nef Anyo getting beaten up by shock mods
  • Sgt Nef Anyo Codex
  • Sgt. Nef Anyo weakness
  • Sgt. Nef Anyo's new look.
  • Derf... Nef Anyo's face revealed!
  • Iceleader Nef Anyo - a vital combination (U12.6.1)


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