With 'Revenge' and 'Ghost' as default Precepts, Shade is well suited for stealth gameplay. Shade also comes with a burst laser pistol.

Shade is a stealth Sentinel pre-equipped with the Burst Laser as its default weapon and has the ability to cloak the player with its Ghost precept.

Shade specific Precept mods
Name Description
Ghost Cloaks owner and sentinel when enemies are close and within activation and sight range of the sentinel. The cloak is disrupted if owner attacks. Increasing the rank of Ghost increases the range from an enemy at which the cloak is engaged.
Revenge Sentinel will not attack an enemy unless that enemy has attacked the Sentinel's master. While Ghost is active, Shade will not attack enemies, regardless whether they had attacked the owner or not prior to Ghost's activation. Upgrading this ability increases the range at which Shade engages the enemy that attacked you.
List of Sentinel Mods
Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 24 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 ‍30
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum6475 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: Credits64100,000


  • Ghost only activates if an enemy is in the activation radius sphere for the cloak, and Shade's view of the enemy is not obstructed by nearby objects.
  • The cloaking can last indefinitely as long as an enemy is inside the activation radius.
  • Activation is not dependent on the direction that Shade is facing. Warframe abilities will not bring you out of stealth and you will remain hidden, as long as another enemy is close by.
  • Note that infested Volatile Runners will still explode when you are next to them.
    • Enemies such as Leapers, Rollers, or Ancients that have activated their attacks – e.g. a Leaper getting ready to charge – will still hit you after you cloak if you do not move out of the way.
    • On infested levels, take care around Runners as the explosion could knock you out of cloaking range.
  • Consider Shade when choosing to be a support for your team, as running up to downed players without firing weapons can allow you to revive them while cloaked.


  • As of Update 7.10, Shade will no longer keep you cloaked when a stealth kill is taking place, even if there are enemies nearby.
  • Shade appeared in the Open Beta Trailer about 1:42 into the video.[1]
  • The Shade is the only Sentinel with a unique capacity of health and shields; 350 and 50 respectively.
  • The cloaking cooldown used to be much quicker (around 5 seconds) but was nerfed to take almost 10 seconds to re-cloak again. De-cloaking can have serious penalties in stealth due to this longer cooldown. 

Sentinel Loadouts

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See the user build section for builds using this sentinel.



  • The name Shade could be derived from the literal meaning of shade or from the mythological creature the Shade which is a spirit of the dead.
  • The Sprite skin for the Shade was first seen in Update 12.0, with the addition of the Training section in the Codex, under "Sentinels", as an unknown Sentinel design. Said Sentinel was finally revealed as a Shade cosmetic skin made available for purchase in Update 13.1.  
  • Shade has the highest health of all the sentinels, although it suffers from having half the shields of other sentinels. 
  • Shade, along with Dethcube were available as promotional items within the virtual world of PlayStation Home, following the users Avatar as they move.
  • On the website of the official Warframe merch store, in the Collectibles section under posters in the Prime Poster 3-Pack[1], a recolored Shade equipped with Summus Prime accessories can be seen hovering next to Mag Prime on the Mag Prime Poster.


  • Crude example of the sentinels "sight". Ghost won't trigger due to having an object obscuring Shade's "vision".
  • Shade as it appears within PlayStation Home

Patch History

Update 18.0
  • Changed Shade's Ghost to avoid using invisibility while the players are doing something that draws aggro (eg: Nyx's Absorb).

Hotfix 16.11.5

  • Fixed an issue allowing Shade Sentinel cloak to stealth players still firing weapons with large magazines.

Hotfix 16.5.1

  • Fixed the Shade Sentinel's Ghost and the Hura's Stalk Ability not properly functioning.

Hotfix 13.1.2

  • Scaled the Wings and Tail of the Shade Sentinel when using the Sprite skin.

Update 13.1

  • New Sprite Skin for the Shade Sentinel!

Update 12.6

  • Shade: 30m max range on attack precept

Update 10.3

  • Fixed weapon energy shader for dark (black) energy colors.

Update 10.0

  • Fixed Shade's Ghost Ability (and other invisibility Abilities) granting the cloaked player invincibility

Hotfix 7.7.3

  • Shade sentinel will now cloak as well when casting Ghost

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