Shield Charger is a Sentinel Mod that periodically increases your Warframe's Max Shields and regenerates them for a certain amount of time.


Rank Increased Shield Shield Regen Cost
0 10% 10% 0
1 20% 20% 1
2 30% 30% 2
3 40% 40% 3
4 50% 50% 4
5 60% 60% 5


  • A Warframe with 100 shields unranked (300 shield at max rank) will gain 60% (60 extra shields) bonus max shields while the ability is active. Once the ability duration ends, shields will go back to normal, and leave overshields if the player had more than normal shields when it ended.
  • Unlike Shield Osprey, it does not instantly recharge shields. Instead it increases shield recharge rate for the ability duration, like a Fast Deflection mod.
  • It has a cooldown of 30 seconds.
  • The ability will exclusively grant additional shields and overshields to nearby Warframes and Operators even if the user does not possess base shields of their own.
  • Due to this mod affecting base (unranked) shielding only, the effects of an ally and/or summoned Specter Shield Osprey will only apply on top of the existing buff, if any, and will not interact with any given overshields after the Modification has ended or the user is out of range.