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Shield Disruption is an Aura that reduces the shield capacity of all enemies.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 -4% -2* C8
1 -8% -3* C8
2 -12% -4* C11
3 -16% -5* C14
4 -20% -6* C17
5 -24% -7* C20

* Aura mods increase the amount of Mod Power


  • It was obtainable during Artifact Defense Event from special alerts, and is now currently in the alerts drop-table as an Aura.
  • This can be stacked with other teammates' to lower shield capacity by a maximum of 96%.
    • To remove enemy shields entirely, at least two players must have Coaction Drift installed


  • This is most effective against the Corpus due to their heavy use of shields. It is somewhat effective against the Corrupted, albeit to a lesser extent due to that only some of the enemies using shields.
  • As only a select few bosses use shields, this mod has only a very minor effect against the Grineer.
    • Similarly, as Mutalist Alad V is the only Infested unit to use shields. As such, this mod has no effect against the Infested in most situations.


  • Previously, Shield Disruption showed a Nova shooting bolts though a Shield Lancer's Riot Shield, which was more a depiction of Punch Through rather than shield reduction.


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