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The Shred mod increases the Fire Rate of Primary weapons by 5% and Punch Through by 0.2 metre per rank for a maximum of 30% and 1.2 metre at Rank 5, respectively.


Rank Fire Rate Punch Through (m) Cost Conclave
0 +5% +0.2m 6 C5
1 +10% +0.4m 7 C5
2 +15% +0.6m 8 C6
3 +20% +0.8m 9 C8
4 +25% +1.0m 10 C9
5 +30% +1.2m 11 C10
Body Units Punctured
Punch Through +0.2 +0.4 +0.6 +0.8 +1.0 +1.2
Humanoid 0 0 1 1 1-2 2
Quadruped 0 0 0 0 0-1 1

Data may differ due to width variances from dynamic posing.


  • Reward from Operation Arid Fear by earning 1 point or more.
  • This mod is now available as a Nightmare Mode reward at the end of the mission.


  • This mod is significantly more powerful when stacking a maxed Metal Auger, increasing overall punch-through up to 3.3.
  • Despite the buff of Metal Auger, as of Update 11, the Shred is still efficient due to +0.4 punch-through bares merely a 7 mod power use, while giving +10% rate of fire.
  • The fire rate boost increases charging speed of chargeable weapons and the drawing speed of Bow class weapons.



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