This fiery sword and shield combination perfects the balance of Tenno offense and defense prowess. In the hands of a Master, even a defensive tool like a shield can be used as a weapon.

The Silva & Aegis is a Heat b Heat-based sword and shield combo weapon introduced in Update 14.0, and is the first fan-designed weapon from DE's Community Melee Weapons contest to be added in-game. It features a very high blocking ability, allowing the player to shield themselves from enemy attacks more efficiently than most other melee weapons.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 35
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum64 150 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price:Credits6415,000
Tenno Lab Research ClanAffinity64 3,000
Time: 72 hrs
Prereq: N/A
LeaderBadgeGhostHolo x1   LeaderBadgeShadowHolo x3   LeaderBadgeStormHolo x10   LeaderBadgeMountainHolo x30   LeaderBadgeMoonHolo x100

This weapon can be sold for Credits645,000.


This weapon deals Heat b Heat damage.


  • Innate Heat b Heat damage – effective against Infested and Cloned Flesh.
    • Can also be combined with Toxin b Toxin damage to make Gas b Gas damage for further-increased effectiveness against the Infested.
    • Can also be combined with Electricity b Electricity damage to make Radiation b Radiation damage, making it effective against most Grineer units.
  • High blocking effectiveness, reducing up to 85% of incoming damage.
  • Blocking increases both Critical and Status Chance by 15% (max 60%) to next attack.
  • Ground finishers are guaranteed to inflict a proc.
  • AoE knockback on ground slam.
  • High status chance, even without blocking first
  • Wide swings can hit targets slightly behind the player
  • Shield Bashes deal Impact b Impact proc.
  • Can use the Silva & Aegis exclusive Avenging Truth mod.


  • Heat b Heat damage is ineffective against Proto Shields.
  • Short range.
  • Low critical chance when not blocking.


  • Silva & Aegis, compared to Silva & Aegis Prime:
    • Lower base damage (35.0 vs. 120.0)
    • Lower critical chance (5% vs. 15%)
    • Lower critical damage multiplier (1.5x vs. 2.0x)
    • Lower status chance (20% vs. 25%)
    • Higher attack speed (1 vs. 0.75)
    • Different polarities (None vs. Madurai PolVazarin PolVazarin Pol)
    • Lower Mastery Rank required (0 vs. 12)
    • Lower block percentage (85% vs. 90%)

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • When adding elemental mods for combination, this weapon's Heat b Heat element is added last.
  • It is highly recommended to set Corrosive b Corrosive and Blast b Blast damage on this weapon as this combination is very effective against all factions, besides Corpus due to their Proto Shields, and gives the player immense control over higher level enemies due to the weapon's high status chance.


  • The Pyra Syandana uses Aegis's geometry and textures, albeit moved around and scaled differently.
  • The shield sticks onto the Tenno's arm regardless of equipped status, and when unequipped, the sword is inserted into a sheath behind the Aegis.
  • Because the blade of the Silva itself is made from an additive material, elemental visual effects such as Gas b Gas and Heat b Heat (which are additive particles) are not as visible.
  • When equipped by a Specter, the shield will always be active regardless of their equipped weapon.
  • Upon its release, the Silva and Aegis featured the same amount of stamina consumption as all melee weapons, which spawned negative feedback regarding the shield's usefulness. The weapon has since received a stealth-buff that gave it significantly decreased stamina consumption on blocking. Upon the release of Update 17.0, it no longer requires stamina and instead has a very high damage reduction.
  • This is the first:
    • Sword and Shield class melee weapon introduced into the game.
    • Weapon to be created from the three Community Melee Weapon Contest Winners.
    • Melee weapon in the game to deal pure Heat b Heat damage as its primary damage type.
  • On jump attacks, the Silva will emit a ring of flames identical to that created by the Heat Sword, Heat Dagger and Dual Heat Swords. Unlike said weapons however, this effect on the Silva is cosmetic only.  
  • Silva & Aegis shield will remain spread out if you utilize Excalibur's Exalted blade while using the melee weapon. The shield will retract if you use Radial Javelin or Radial blind, however the slide radial blind will not retract the shield.  
  • Aegis is presumably named after the Aegis, an artifact (commonly depicted as a shield) used by the Greek goddess Athena, with a carving of a gorgon's head on the front.
    • Silva is likely a reference to player Silverbones, the designer of this weapon.


  • Due to how thin its shield is the Silva & Aegis will often clip into the arms of the Warframe wielding it. This is purely visual and has no effect on gameplay.


  • Silva & Aegis in Codex.
  • Silva & Aegis
  • Silva & Aegis
  • Color options. (Tint 4 is for the sword hilt)
  • Ember Prime is all fired up.
  • Showing the sword draw and shield expand

Silva & Aegis Skins

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