Sniper Crewmen are special Crewmen that carry Lanka sniper rifles and wear bright yellow suits. They are stronger and less common than normal crewmen and usually accompany a group of normal Crewmen into battle, providing ranged fire support. As of Update 20.0.0 Sniper Crewmen gained the ability to deploy Ratel to attack players.

Since their Lanka does Electricity damage, they will deal full damage to Warframes' shields, but only half damage to Warframes' armored health, reduced further by the Warframe armor value counting x1.5 times. Even for the most common Warframe armor value of 65, without armor buffs or Steel Fiber, this means they will only deal ~ 37.74% damage to health. At 190 armor for comparison, it is only ~25.64%. As a result, this enemy type poses a much greater threat to your shield hitpoints than to your health hitpoints, which is in strong contrast to the much more common standard crewmen armed with Deras or Detrons. This makes Sniper Crewmen a higher priority target as long as shields are intact, and a lower priority target when they are depleted.


  • Sniper Crewmen are normally treated as if they're holding Dera rifles, as their tactics, more or less, are similar to those of the Grineer.
    • Although, they retain some distance from their targets, making them harder to kill.
  • Their Lanka sniper rifles are far more lethal than the Dera rifles used by other crewmen. While they are less lethal than a player-operated Lanka, it is still crucial to avoid their shots.
  • Although they use Lankas, they seem incompetent to use them as they never lead their targets. If one wishes not to be hit, one simply need to keep moving.


Main article: Ratel

Ratels are small drones spawned by Sniper Crewmen from electrical spawn pads. They're small yellow quadrupeds with dark grey blades for feet, capped off by a bright yellow edge. They attack by chasing the player and firing a small electrical beam and will pursue if the player leaves their attack range.


  • They seem to appear more often in invasions.
  • The Sergeant, a Corpus boss character, has a slight resemblance to Sniper Crewmen, likely to be a higher-ranking Corpus sniper unit given by rank, custom suit and more versatile and powerful equipment.
  • As of Update 12.0, their suit is now yellow instead of the tan coloring.


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