• Volt performing True Kiss.
  • Volt performing Accursed Whispers.
  • Volt performing Fey Intervention.
  • Volt performing Fey Intervention (II).

Spinning Needle is one of three Stance mods for dual-daggers weapons. It features swift stabs and twisting slashes.

Can be equipped on:

✓ denotes weapon with matching Stance polarity


Combo Name Button Combination
True Kiss  BlackBasex64  BlackBasex642x  BlackBasex64
Accursed Whispers*  BlackBasex64  BlackBlockx64  BlackBasex644x  BlackBasex644x  BlackBasex64  PurpleBasex64Slash b
Fey Intervention*  BlackBasex64  BlackBasex642x  BlackPausex64  BlackBasex64  BlackBasex642x  BlackBasex642x  BlackBasex64
Fey Intervention*  BlackBasex64  BlackBasex642x  BlackUpx64  BlackBasex64  BlackBasex64  RedBasex64
Savage Tiger  BlackChargex64300%
Lurking Cougar SlideBlueBasex64
Lion's Roar In AirRedBasex64
Weightless Steel Wall DashBlackBasex64
Final Strike Knockdowned Enemy + BlackBasex64Finisher b1600%
 RedBasex64  Attack Slams    BlueBasex64  360° Attack    PurpleBasex64  Attack Procs

 Melee Attacks

 BlackBasex64    Melee  
 BlackBlockx64    Block  
 BlackUpx64    Direction (up)  
 BlackChargex64  Hold  
 BlackPausex64    Pause  

 Multipliers and Hits

 BlackBasex64200%    Attack does double damage  
 BlackBasex642x    Attack hits twice  

 Exclusive Procs

Knockdown b   Knockdown  
Ragdoll b   Ragdoll  
Finisher b   Finisher  

Notes Edit

  • Alters the default quick attacks of its melee class.
  • All hits seem to proc Impact b Impact whenever they can. It does not, however, stop other procs from happening, leading to hits applying two procs at once and allowing for fairly reliable stunlocking on specific targets. However, the impact proc can also lead to missing specific hits due to the dagger's short range, the stance's slow nature and the distance the enemy travels away during an impact proc.
  • The final hit of Fey Intervention will both ragdoll and launch enemies away.
  • [console] When performing the Accursed Whispers, while amining forward can alter the combo animation to the "pause" variation of Fey Intervention.

Tips Edit

  • Against humanoids such as Grineer Lancers, the third hit of True Kiss is typically a headshot.
  • If the Pause on Fey Intervention (the first) is done correctly, the strike performed will be a horizontal strike instead of vertical. The remaining three hits of the combo have very short recovery times, making it difficult to execute.

Trivia Edit

  • Two combos have exactly the same name, Fey Intervention.
  • Spinning Needle is currently the only dual daggers stance which has a Vazarin Pol polarity, matching the Okina which was released alongside this stance.

Gallery Edit

Media Edit

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