These rare, braided throwing daggers were a favorite tool of high ranking Orokin assassins.

The Spira Prime is the Prime variant of the Spira throwing daggers, featuring an increase in fire rate, reload speed, status chance, and critical damage multiplier in exchange for reduced damage.

On December 6th, 2017, it was announced that Spira Prime would enter the Prime Vault and its relics retired from the drop tables on December 12th, 2017, along with Saryn Prime and Nikana Prime. Any preexisting components or fully-built weapons will remain as is.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 50
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum64 N/A Blueprint2 Blueprints Price:N/A
Drop Locations
BlueprintLith N2 Common (V)
Lith V4 Common (V)
Meso V1 Common (V)
Meso V3 Common (V)
Meso V5 Common (V)
GenericWeaponPrimeBlade BladeLith S5 Rare (V)
Meso S6 Rare (V)
Neo S3 Rare (V)
GenericComponentPrimeLatch PouchLith S1 Rare (V)
Lith S3 Rare (V)
Lith S6 Rare (V)
Meso S3 Rare (V)
Neo S8 Rare (V)
Lith/Meso/Neo/Axi refer to Void Relics
(V) Denotes Vaulted Void Relics
(B) Denotes Baro Ki'Teer Exclusive Void Relic


This weapon deals primarily Puncture b Puncture damage.


  • High Puncture b Puncture damage – effective against armor.
  • Silent.
  • Tied with normal Spira, Pandero, Euphona Prime, and Lato Prime for the second highest critical chance of all secondary weapons, behind Akbolto Prime, and tied with normal Spira for the highest critical chance of all throwing-type secondaries.
  • Tied with Aksomati for the second highest critical damage multiplier of all secondaries, behind Nukor.
  • Decent status chance.
  • Very fast reload speed.
  • Capable of using the thrown-exclusive mod Concealed Explosives.
  • Ragdolls and pins the target to the wall on a kill.
    • Ragdolled bodies fly in a straight line and can damage other enemies in its path.


  • Low Slash b Slash and Impact b Impact damage - less effective against health and shields.
  • Projectiles have travel time and travel in an arc, making it hard to hit at longer ranges and achieve headshots.
  • Although listed as 100% accurate, the Spira Prime has a random spread with every throw, making long range targets more difficult to hit.
  • Slow fire rate.


  • Spira Prime, compared to Spira:
    • Lower base damage (60.0 vs. 82.0)
      • Lower Impact b Impact damage (6.0 vs. 8.2)
      • Lower Puncture b Puncture damage (48.0 vs. 49.2)
      • Lower Slash b Slash damage (6.0 vs. 24.6)
    • Higher critical damage multiplier (3x vs. 2x)
    • Higher status chance (14% vs. 8%)
    • Higher fire rate (3.33 rounds/sec vs. 2.5 rounds/sec)
    • Larger magazine (12 rounds vs. 10 rounds)
    • Faster reload speed (0.75 s vs. 1 s)
    • Higher Mastery Rank required (10 vs. 8)

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • The Spira Prime was originally released in July 2015 on the Chinese build of Warframe, along with Excalibur Umbra Prime and Nikana Prime.
  • The Spira Prime was unintentionally leaked in the Codex following Hotfix 18.4.7.
  • The drill tip on the Spira Prime spins, making it the only throwing knife secondary with a non-static animated model.
  • "Spira" is the Latin word for "spiral" or "coil". The weapon is named this way due to its spinning tips.


  • The Spira Prime as it appears in Codex.

Spira Prime Skins

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 22.12
  • Mastery Rank increased from 3 to 10
  • Damage increased from 47 to 60
  • Status chance increased from 10% to 14%
  • Critical damage increased from 2.5x to 3x

Hotfix 18.4.12

  • Introduced
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