Spoiled Strike

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Polarity V
Rarity Rare
Dropped by Orokin Vault

Spoiled Strike increases damage while reducing attack speed of melee attacks.


Rank Damage Attack Speed Cost Conclave
0 25% -5% 4 C8
1 50% -10% 5 C8
2 75% -15% 6 C14
3 100% -20% 7 C20


  • Reduction in attack speed can be countered by Fury. With a max of each mod, it will result in 100% more damage and 10% faster attack speed. Quickening can also be added to completely negate the attack speed reduction with its 20% attack speed bonus, though with penalties to Channeling Efficiency. Can be further countered with Berserker, but only recommended on melee weapons with a decent (10% or higher) critical chance.
  • Stacks with Pressure Point for 220% regular attack damage.
  • When maxed, spoiled strike gives you +100% regular base dmg and -20% AS. So with this formula : Dmg * (1 + Mod) * AS > Dmg * (2 + Mod) * 0.8 * AS, which is true only when Mod > 3, it isn't worth using it, if you already have +300% base damage mod on your weapon.

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