Sprint Boost is an Aura that increases sprint speed of Warframes.


Rank Effect Cost *
0 +2.5% -2
1 +5.0% -3
2 +7.5% -4
3 +10.0% -5
4 +12.5% -6
5 +15.0% -7

* Aura mods increase the amount of Mod Capacity


  • This aura's effect stacks with Coaction Drift, Rush, Armored Agility and Speed Drift for a +70% increase in sprint speed on a personal level.
    • If an entire cell uses this setup in a standard mission, it will give a +104.5% increase in sprint speed.
    • This aura is good for a speed build on Volt, for a fast dash across missions if sprinting.


  • This aura was one of several auras that were originally obtainable through Transmutation in Update 10.6. It was retrieved by DE shortly afterward, and wouldn't be re-released until Update 12.0.
  • Hotfix 10.6.1 reduced the aura's effects and maximum rank from +10% sprint speed per rank for 5 ranks to +2.5% sprint speed per rank for 3 ranks.


Patch HistoryEdit

Update 20.4
  • Buffed from 3 rank to 5 rank mod.

Update 12.0

  • Reintroduced

See alsoEdit

  • Rush, a mod that increases sprint speed solely for the Warframe equipping it.
  • Armored Agility, a mod that increases sprint speed along with armor.
  • Speed Drift, another mod that increases sprint speed along with casting speed.