Static Discharge is a Melee Mod for the Prova and Prova Vandal that causes Charge Attacks to deal AoE Electricity b Electricity damage to nearby enemies.

Stats Edit

Rank  % of Weapon Damage Cost
0 30 2
1 40 3
2 50 4
3 60 5
4 70 6
5 80 7


  • The Prova's charge attack hurls the player forward while doing a spin attack. With this mod equipped, all enemies within 4 meters of the player then suffer a violent shock which stuns them.
    • This behaves similarly to Arc Coil, with the exception that always procs.
  • While increasing the weapons range will increase the contact range of the weapon and thus increase the range at which shocks can connect to enemies, the shocks themselves are not increased and are always 4m from the weapon.


  • For hosts, all the potential chains can connect to a single enemy, dealing heavy (albeit still low overall) damage to that single enemy. For clients, it will almost always only link one chain to a single enemy.
  • Will often bug for clients or hosts, causing areas on the map to electrocute enemies even when in another room. This is very similar to the Tesla Link bug where invisible links persist forever, damaging enemies.
  • May bug to the point where you no longer need to charge attack to zap enemies, allowing the player to simply hold out their melee to shock incoming enemies relentlessly.
  • Stunning multiple enemies at once will often cause the game to lose frames or freeze for a moment.


Patch HistoryEdit