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Steel Charge is an Aura that increases damage dealt by regular attacks, slide attacks, wall attacks and jump attacks of melee weapons.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +10% -4* C5
1 +20% -5* C5
2 +30% -6* C6
3 +40% -7* C8
4 +50% -8* C9
5 +60% -9* C10

* Aura mods increase the amount of Mod Power


  • When stacked as an entire cell, it will provide 240% melee damage.
    • Using this, along with Pressure Point and Spoiled Strike, will boost an individual player's melee damage by 280%.
    • An entire cell with the complete damage boosting mods will give a total of +460%.
  • It is the most proficient aura in powering a Warframe, as the aura can potentially provide a total of 18 points (assuming it is on a matching polarity slot), compared to most auras that provide 14.
  • When Steel Charge was buffed to add more mod energy, and you created a build on your warframe that exceeded the mod points it currently gives, that build will currently stay unless you remove a mod or change something in which case the game will recognize that you do not have enough points for that build and will not allow it to stay. (e.g. you had a build which used the 88 points, which was the maximum during the buff, but now the maximum is lower). This is most likely an overlooked bug. 


  • On Update 12.0, the melee damage bonus was increased from 3% to 5%, while its maximum rank was also increased from 5 to 10. As of Update 12.2.0 Steel Charge was reduced to a rank 5 mod, bringing melee damage in line to provide +60% at max rank, and granting 9 additional mod energy points at max rank (as opposed to the relatively standard 7). Any player who had a copy over rank 5 received two Legendary Cores as compensation.


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