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Standard issue weapon for Djinn Sentinel. Fires poisonous projectiles.

The Stinger is the default weapon for the Djinn Sentinel. Stinger fires poisonous projectile darts at enemies in a similar manner to Acrid's darts, dealing Toxin b Toxin damage. This weapon accepts rifle mods.

This weapon can be sold for Credits641,250.


This sentinel weapon is automatically acquired by acquiring Djinn. Note that this weapon also takes up one slot in your sentinel inventory.

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • Using multishot mods will send multiple darts which will all have independent travel trajectories, effectively giving this weapon a "spread" shot and increase the probability of hitting the enemy.
  • When facing Grineer, consider slotting in Electricity b Electricity damage mods to create Corrosive b Corrosive damage. Corrosive damage is even more effective against their armor than the base Toxin b Toxin damage, and can reduce their resistance to your normal attacks.


  • Projectiles have 100% Toxin b Toxin proc chance, regardless if other elements are installed.
    • Will bypass Shields, also regardless of other elements installed.
  • Projectiles curve off target at range similar to other 'bolt' weapons (Boltor, Bolto, Akbolto and Acrid), though deviation possibly starts at a much closer distance for the Stinger.
  • Ammo Drum has no effect on the Stinger because it does not have a maximum ammunition.
  • Terminal Velocity can be equipped on the Stinger to increase projectile speed.

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