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While we were able to find solid and legitimate supporting evidence for essentially the whole story as it is written, it comes from a variety of sources and each of those pieces of information were likely written by a number of different people. This article strives to be more than a simple compendium of disparate lore tidbits. We took in all of the various bits of lore information and documented them in a chronological and readable way to produce the most complete story possible.

The developers confirmed in Devstream 52 that Warframe and Dark Sector is canon. As parts of what we do not know of the lore for Warframe can be explained by the Dark Sector story, this article includes some information and references to it and how it relates to Warframe lore. However, Steve Sinclair noted that Dark Sector is not a direct prequel to Warframe. As of now, DE has confirmed that Warframe and Dark Sector are inextricably linked, but not a canon prequel, though a lot of WARFRAME's ideas were inspired by their original rendition of Dark Sector.

This page will be regularly updated as the developers, Digital Extremes, release more information.

The Story/History of Warframe

Dark Sector Era

WARNING: This section contains Dark Sector spoilers!

This section has been intentionally abridged at the request of the Warframe Wiki's administrator. If you would like the full story on Dark Sector, buy and play the game or read its wiki here.

On Earth during the cold war, the United States invented something called the Technocyte virus. It remained unused and largely untested for a number of decades until 'The Agency' sent a submarine with infected aboard it to the Russian island of Lasaria. A supposedly rogue member of The Agency named Robert Mezner, a specialist in 'nanotechnology as it applies to bioenhancement' was sent to Lasaria secretly to test and propagate the virus amongst its citizens.

Another Agency agent named Hayden Tenno was sent to Lasaria to kill Mezner and was quickly attacked by Nemesis, essentially a prototype Warframe made of Technocyte or a similar nanotechnology that looks like a mix between Rhino and Nyx in Warframe and was worn by a woman who was working with Mezner. Nemesis infected Hayden with the same modified strain of the Technocyte virus that Mezner used on himself.

At this point, most of the game of Dark Sector plays out. Hayden reacted uniquely to the virus as it only mutated his right arm/shoulder visibly as well as spawning a Glaive from his Technocyte-organic flesh. For other humanoids and animals, the pain quickly drove them to insanity and they mutated into horrible monsters with techno-organic parts or entire bodies. Hayden's congenital analgesia made him not feel pain, something that was likely the reason the virus did not drive him mad.

At the end of the story, Hayden acquired another prototype Warframe (that uses the same character model as Excalibur in Warframe), defeated Nemesis and Mezner (who was driven mad by the virus) and survived the traitorous Agency. Even so, the Technocyte virus ended up being released into the world either through Mezner's efforts or intentionally by the Agency.

The Glaive's codex entry states that the weapon or at least it's design and function were used by the first Tenno in Warframe. Given that the Tenno were not created until several centuries after the events of Dark Sector, it is unlikely that this is intended to be the same weapon.

Dating back to the time of the first Tenno, the Glaive is a uniquely deadly weapon. This multi-bladed disc is not only effective for melee combat it can also be thrown like a boomerang to cut down enemies at a distance.

While the virus itself was not airborne it still spread over the planet Earth and consumed most fauna, either killing creatures or turning them into monsters. Humanity survived and managed to colonize other planets and cosmic entities in our solar system. Hayden Tenno is the only one known to have assimilated and adapted to the Technocyte virus at this time. It is unknown if he had children of his own.

Orokin Era

Flash forward several centuries, and the Origin System is run by a race called the Orokin. It appears that the Orokin were the dominant humanoid faction at the time. For a time, the Orokin ruled the Origin System and spent a great deal of time building large outposts and experimenting on genetic samples of creatures found on Earth. The Orokin created a race called the Sentient to spearhead an expansion of Orokin influence beyond the Origin System into the Tau System.

Old War

From this point, the Old War erupted between the Orokin and the Sentient (Most likely do to hatred towards the Orokin for realization of slavery). With their ability to subvert high levels of technology, the Sentient quickly overwhelmed the Orokin. The Orokin quickly discovered that their method of fighting proved ineffective against the faction.

Faced with losing the war, the Orokin intended to create something that could replicate and fight in an autonomous way like the original proto-sentients did. It is possible that this weapon was the Technocyte virus, and that this was likely unleashed on a part of the general population to create vast amounts of troops. However, the Infestation soon spread out of control and assumed a mind of its own. The Infestation unfortunately appears to have had little effect in slowing down the advancemen of the Sentient.

The Orokin, now desperate, sought to exploit Void energy after an accident aboard a spacecraft called the Zariman Ten-Zero led to a number of children developing Void powers and abilities. The Orokin put their empire rejects in ships designed to expose them to the Void energy, in the hopes of recreating the effect, but without success. The children from the Ten-Zero (called the Tenno) remained the only ones endowed with these abilities to channel raw void energy. The Warframes were a parallel technology, and a synergy was found where the Tenno could use Warframes as conduits for void energies and utilise their newly developed abilities as a lethal asset. Excalibur was possibly the first Warframe created during this time.

The Tenno-guided Warframes are revealed to be very efficient killing machines and they actually manage to push back the Sentient to the brink of defeat. The Orokin managed to recapture the Outer Terminus, and quelled the threats of the Origin System. The Sentient however, were not defeated without launching their last agent: Natah.

The Collapse

Natah was a last-ditch Sentient who had been created with the sole purpose to take control over the Tenno themselves. She infiltrated the Origin System, but was not able to prevent the Orokin forces from recapturing and crippling / destroying the Outer Terminus. The Orokin were victorious at the time, but (not many events are made clear, but it is stated by the operator that the Orokin executed Margulis brutally. Her body was horribly disformed, resulting in an outrage against the Orokin because the Tenno saw her at the time as their care taker.) the Tenno chose to betray the Orokin – ultimately triggering a history point known as The Collapse (alluded in the Stalker's codex).

The war was over, the Sentient now gone and the Orokin now destroyed, all Natah had to do to finish her mission was to annihilate the entire Tenno race. However, due what is revealed as a "gap" – a state where a part of a Sentient become corrupted when crossing over to the Origin System, she was unable to execute this mission and instead grew a humane affection towards the Tenno themselves. She ended up betraying her last mission and took the Tenno as her own children, becoming known as the Lotus.

When humanity or the dominant humanoid race split into two major factions that sought to fill the power vacuum left behind by the Collapse. The Tenno disappeared, now only known as a mythical legend. The low labourers of the Orokin took the cloning technology to themselves to create a clone army and became the Grineer, led by the Twin Kweens (Queens). Some of the most tech-savvy humanoids became a 'Merchant Cult' who worshiped money and relics from the Old War called the Corpus. The Technocyte virus infected and mutated living beings at the fringes of the system and came to be known collectively as the Infested.

Warframe Era

Some indeterminate number of centuries later, the Corpus are widely considered the governing force in economics and research. The Grineer both fight with the Corpus for power and buy technology from them to support their constantly degrading bodies. At one time, the Infested had all but conquered a few of the Origin System's planets but have been pushed back to their residence on drifting ancient Orokin Derelicts and recently conquered Eris, apart from the occasional outbreak on populated planets. All that is left of the Orokin are the forgotten Prime weapons they either built or had a hand in building, and towers in a dangerous area known as the Void.

The Tenno are becoming reawakened by the Lotus, not remembering anything of their past. Many Tenno awake from Cryosleep already connected to a Warframe that the Lotus informs them how to use, unaware of their true nature. They are then set loose upon the solar system either alone or in small squads to tackle a wide variety of missions designated by the Lotus to maintain balance between the Grineer and Corpus factions or to quell Infested uprisings.

The Corpus start to rebuild the Outer Terminus. In the meantime, Grineer researcher Tyl Regor finds and breaks open the vault where an ancient Sentient was held within. Sentient Oculyst drones are sighted by Tenno across the Origin system. Other Sentient are said to be entombed in other locations. Signs of the Sentient are very clear, and it is hinted that they will return to the Origin System to reconquer what they have been defeated with.

References and Evidence


Technocyte is a virus that afflicts living tissue and mutates it, often giving the unfortunate host variants of colored nodes that may substitute for the hosts now loss of vision in most cases. Since Dark Sector's canonicity is confirmed, it is clear that both forms of the virus are very different, as Dark Sector's variant gives the infected hardened skin. Those mutated by the virus lose most of their intelligence and appear to act on instinct and are capable of little more than guttural noises and violence. It is likely that infected creatures of higher intelligence, which exist as Infested bosses, as they try to talk to and reason with the Tenno players during their assassination missions. The infested are also prolific beyond what would be possible for an unintelligent race, meaning that there may be some form of organization, or hive mind, that guides them.

The virus could be present in Warframe for many possible reasons. Some of those include:

  • The virus survived from its initial release on Earth as seen in Dark Sector, manifesting into Hayden Tenno's lineage.
  • The virus was intentionally created and then released by the Orokin in an attempt to combat the Sentients.
  • The virus manifested somehow in the Void and was spread by the Orokin.

Alad V got into the habit of experimenting with the current strain of the Technocyte, attempting to create advanced bio-weaponry at the expense of his job and alliance with his fellow Corpus. Infested have been able to combine with nanites since the infested began in Warframe, however until Alad V got into experimenting with their evolution he allowed the Virus, or perhaps the nanites they were able to assimilate, to link with cybernetic and robotic components. This allowed the Virus to infest the once Immune Corpus Osprey and Moa, creating hybrid abominations that can use long range attacks, spawn more Infested units, or spawn small Infested Maggots that appear to be bred or grown inside their parent Brood Mothers. Like Infested Ancients, Maggots do not appear to be rotting, decomposing, or having trouble holding together host flesh, and appear to be a completely stable and possibly new entity themselves.

Orokin as Genetic Manipulators

Orokin genetic experimentation was mentioned specifically during Livesteam 11. "When Earth got totally screwed over and the Orokin started using DNA to rebuild different animals that suited them, some of that stuff went wrong..." referring to the creation of the Sand Skate (sting ray/skate) enemies that appear in the Grineer settlement tileset.

There is a reference by the Infested boss Lephantis that the Warframes are not entirely unlike the assimilated bodies of the Infested.

J3-Golem to the player.

He will call out to the player, "Why do you destroy us? We are your flesh.", asserting a connection between the virus that afflicts the Infested and the Warframes themselves. This further confirms the notion that both the Warframes and the Infested are both products of the Orokin Era.

The opening message from Councilor Vay Hek regarding the Cicero Crisis also specifically mentions 'Orokin engineered super-weeds' on Earth that make most of the planet uninhabitable due to their penchant for destroying artificial buildings. The Grineer planned to poison the plants so they could better control the planet but were stopped by the Tenno.

The Sentients and the Orokin

  • Corrupted MOAGo to Corrupted MOA
  • Corrupted Heavy GunnerGo to Corrupted Heavy Gunner
  • Corrupted LancerGo to Corrupted Lancer
  • Corrupted CrewmanGo to Corrupted Crewman
  • Corrupted AncientGo to Corrupted Ancient

There are a great many disparate facts regarding the Sentients and the Orokin that as of now makes conclusions about either race difficult to make:

  • It is also never confirmed that any character in the game is actually human, not even the New Loka even though it is implied that Earth is their homeworld.
  • The Sentients fought with the Orokin. The nomenclature used infers that the Sentients could be some kind of artificial intelligence to distinguish them from other Orokin technology. There are many examples of sentient-level artificial intelligence in present-day Warframe, including the Caphalon race, implying that the Orokin at least commenced the drive towards sentient machine technology.
  • The Sentients were able to turn advanced Orokin technology against them, implying the ability to innovate.
  • The Orokin had a masterful grasp of genetics and living being/computer hybridization. This is evidenced by the Corrupted enemies that inhabit Orokin installations. The Corrupted are 'mind controlled' biological (Grineer, Corpus and Infested) and mechanical/technological (MOAs) creatures, showing advanced knowledge of both neural science and technology. An artificial intelligence of Orokin design known as a Neural Sentry is responsible for controlling the Corrupted and using them to defend the Orokin installations.
  • The Orokin had no fear of Technocyte as they experimented with it and with creatures/plants afflicted by it.

One lore element that brings this theory into question is the Stalker's codex entry (see below). It states directly that at the end of the Old War, the Tenno beat victory drums and on the ninth beat, the Tenno executed people and blood filled the stadium. Whether they killed actual Orokin, proxy bodies used and created by the Orokin, humans/Tenno that were still loyal to the Orokin or whether the Stalker was using hyperbole is not stated. We know that there are currently humanoids that worship the Orokin (the Corpus) and it is entirely possible such loyalists existed during the Great War as well. It is also possible that the Stalker is recounting the moment of the Tenno betrayal and that the Orokin were celebrating some victory when the Tenno turned against their creators and killed the Orokin.

The End of the Orokin

The Corpus are described as worshiping the Orokin and their technology in a number of places and they refer to the Tenno as 'the Betrayers' many places in the game. Due to the Warframes being Orokin creations, it stands to reason that the Tenno betrayed the Orokin. We know that the Tenno were created by the Orokin to combat the Sentients and that in the end, it was they that killed the Orokin. The betrayal would be what ended the Old War (which ended the Orokin Era and the Orokin) and started period of time known as The Collapse.

The Stalker's codex entry currently provides the most information about the end of the Orokin and the Great War:

Some have walked these desolate worlds while you slept. Some like me. I remember what you did. I remember the day.

The Tenno appeared at the Terminus, gleaming and victorious. Our cold and gold Emperors, breathless, bathed you in savior's silk. Then came the sound. Across all our worlds, all at once, the ceremonial Naga drums. A royal salute to the honored Tenno. Ten solemn beats to declare the suffering was over. I watched from a distance, with the rest of the low Guardians. With each beat terror began to crush my throat. The Tenno were not stoic and silent, They were waiting. They were poised. I tried to call out but only a strangled whisper escaped.

When the ninth beat rang a torrent of blood filled the stadium, loosed by Tenno blades. The drums, the Empire, fell silent forever.

Now I hunt, dividing your numbers. Watching from that dark place, cataloging your sins, I am the ghost of retribution. You may forget but you are not innocent.

It is unknown whether all Orokin were killed/destroyed or whether some escaped execution and still exist.

Lotus's True Nature

During the quest Natah, the Lotus orders an individual Tenno to seek out a unknown entity that was recently scanned. After retracing it to Earth and making a total of two more scans of the entity the Lotus realizes that it is an Oculyst. She abandons the Tenno in fear of discovery. Later on after the Tenno is contacted by Teshin, the Lotus and Teshin come to an agreement to make their way to the "tomb", which is a cage of some sort for a long forgotten enemy. An unknown entity shortly after contacts her openly and makes the remark "Daughter" during its communications. The word Natah is used towards the Lotus revealing it is her "old" name. After destroying the entrance to the tomb once more, Teshin grows tired of her stalling and questions the Lotus on her true purpose. It is revealed that she herself is indeed a Sentient. Her last sequence was to eliminate the Tenno completely. She failed to go through with this, however. The Lotus selfishly betrayed her sentient peers due to the fact she was infertile and could not have children of her own. By making the Tenno her children, she could become the "Mother".

"Natah was the daughter until I destroyed her. Now I am the Lotus. Now I am the mother."


Infested Speculation

The game lore specifically mentions that the Infested come from a plague that was remarkably similar to the one from Earth's history, the Technocyte outbreak that started at the end of Dark Sector. It is likely that the Infested are the same virus or strain of Technocyte that existed on Earth in the ancient days. It is also possible that the Orokin re-released the Technocyte virus on the solar system during the Old War in an attempt to stop the Sentients by using infected creatures to their advantage. Another possibility is that after the Old War, the Technocyte experiments the Orokin were running managed to spread on their own now that the Orokin were no longer there to control them, eventually creating the Infested.

Orokin re-engineering of the Technocyte virus from Earth seems very likely as the infested are composed more of flesh than their mostly metallic counterparts in Dark Sector, although the purpose of re-engineering remains unknown.

Tenno Speculation

  • Male in jumpsuit with Lotus symbol.
  • Female in jumpsuit with Lotus symbol.
It's possible that humans still exist in the Warframe universe and that the Tenno are essentially post-humans who were sent to, and corrupted by, the void, making them the only race capable of using Warframes. The human-looking men and women rescued during Warframe's old Rescue 1.0 missions wear the Lotus symbol and are clearly more 'natural' humans then any entity in the game. Rescue 2.0 hostages' skin are covered up however, so their physical appearance is unknown. The old rescue hostages can also be seen in the cryopods during defense missions and some mobile defense missions.

Dialogue from Vor during the Vor's Prize quest seems to indicate that Vor believes that there is a humanoid body inside a Warframe which is, itself, merely a conduit for the Void energy that is the Tenno's true self.

Many 'Tenno-made' weapons also bear the Lotus symbol.

Natah taking the form of Margulis

It is most likely possible that Natah decided to take on the voice of Margulis and the physical appearance of her because she is a Sentient. This is do to the fact they both sound fairly similar and Warframes that are bearing the "Lotus" (or Margulis) symbols prior to Natah's involvement in the Tenno's lives. Furthermore, this can also be supported do to the fact Margulis is voiced by the same voice actor as Natah is. Natah states she has memories during the mirage quest which is unusual. Finally, this can be supported even further do to the fact Natah literally states she became "The Mother" possibly referencing Margulis herself.

Tenno, Orokin and the Lotus

Despite it not exactly being clear what the relationship between these three groups are, evidence in Warframe clearly indicates that they all share some kind of connection. First, we know that the Orokin created the Warframes for the Tenno, as the Tenno are the only ones who can use them. Second, most Warframes contain a Lotus symbol on them (Most likely Margulis's symbol as she probably was in the form of the "Lotus" or the "Mother" if that makes more sense to you prior to Natah taking her form). It is possible that the symbols were added after their revival from the cryopods but that seems unlikely as in the Warframe trailer, we get a clear shot of the newly revived Excalibur's helmet and it has the Lotus symbol on it, meaning it had to have been there since the end of the Orokin era, when the Tenno entered cryostasis. Third, we know that the Lotus is interested in reviving and directing the Tenno against the other three factions that control the solar system. It is also worth noting that, in the old tutorial, the player is revived in what looks to be an overrun, possibly Infested Orokin outpost, which Lotus has access to, along with holograms and energy dispensers. While it's not impossible for others to breach Orokin Security (see Sling-stone and Dragon Keys), there have only been two cases in Warframe where any current entity had any success at all interfacing with Orokin technology (see Zanuka and the Seer).

One final thing to note about the Lotus is that her emblem appears in places in Dark Sector. It is so far not known why or how this relates to things in the Warframe Era.

See examples of Warframes with the Lotus symbol here:

Unanswered Lore

Awakened without Prime

It is no question that the Tenno came from the Orokin Era and had their original prime Warframe, who are also responsible for the fall of Orokin Empire. However, it does not explain why the Tenno are awakened with defect Warframes, as opposed to their superior prime variant.

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