Streamlined Form is a Nightmare mod that increases Holster Speed and slide speed, and decreases Friction.


Rank Holster Rate Slide Friction Cost
0 +10% +2.5% -2.5% 2
1 +20% +5% -5% 3
2 +30% +7.5% -7.5% 4
3 +40% +10% -10% 5
4 +50% +12.5% -12.5% 6
5 +60% +15% -15% 7


  • Obtained from Hard Nightmare missions, which can be found on Sedna, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Eris.
  • Counts as an Exilus Mod, making it the first Nightmare Exilus mod.
  • Stacks with Maglev and Cunning Drift for a 57% increase slide and 75% reduced friction.
  • Stacks with the Speed Holster Aura and either Twitch, Soft Hands, or Reflex Draw for a total of +340% holster rate, or +365.8% with Coaction Drift
    • Four players can achieve a holster rate of +580%, or +683.2% with Coaction Drift.
    • Eight players in a Trial can achieve a holster rate +900%, or +1106.4% with Coaction Drift.

See AlsoEdit

  • Maglev - Another Exilus mod that increases slide speed and decreases friction.
  • Cunning Drift - a Drift mod that increases Ability Range, slide speed, and decreases friction.
  • Twitch - a rifle mod that increases holster rate.
  • Soft Hands - a shotgun mod that increases holster rate.
  • Reflex Draw - a pistol mod that also increases holster rate.
  • Speed Holster - an Aura that increases holster rate for the entire Cell.

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