The Strun is a standard shotgun. Reliable, versatile and deadly.

The Strun is a powerful shotgun that is the successor to the MK1-Strun. The Strun bears a high damage per shot capable of killing most lightly armored enemies in a single shot.

This weapon can be sold for Credits647,500.


This weapon deals primarily Impact b Impact damage.


  • High Impact b Impact damage, which makes it very effective against shielded enemies.
  • Good pellet spread/count ratio (greater pellet count/spread than Hek).
  • Good ammo efficiency.


  • Damage drops off over distance (inherent for all shotguns).
  • Slow base reload speed, loading one shot at a time.
  • Small base magazine size.
  • Ineffective against highly armored enemies until modded.
  • Low critical chance.


  • Strun, compared to MK1-Strun:
    • Higher base damage (300.0 vs. 180.0)
      • Higher Impact b Impact damage (165.0 vs. 99.0)
      • Higher Puncture b Puncture damage (45.0 vs. 27.0)
      • Higher Slash b Slash damage (90.0 vs. 54.0)
    • Lower critical damage multiplier (1.5x vs. 2x)
    • Higher fire rate (2.5 rounds/sec vs. 2.08 rounds/sec)
    • Higher Mastery Rank required (1 vs. 0)
  • Strun, compared to Strun Wraith:
    • Equal base damage, but different composition:
      • Lower Impact b Impact damage (165.0 vs. 195.0)
      • Higher Slash b Slash damage (90.0 vs. 60.0)
    • Lower critical chance (7.5% vs. 15%)
    • Lower critical damage multiplier (1.5x vs. 2x)
    • Lower status chance (20% vs. 40%)
    • Smaller magazine (6 rounds vs. 10 rounds)
    • Faster reload speed (3.8 s vs. 5 s)
    • Less accurate (4 vs. 7)

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


The Strun can be purchased from the Market for Credits6425,000.


  • Using the Shotgun Ammo Mutation mod can help regain ammo when needed, although not as often as the full auto shotguns.
  • Weapon's spread cone can be shrunk by zooming in.


  • Compared to the Boar, the Strun has a tighter bullet cone and a much more efficient ammunition economy. The Hek has an even smaller base magazine size than the Strun, but bears an even tighter bullet cone and a more efficient ammunition economy. The Strun can be considered the middle ground.
  • The listed damage is actually the total of all the pellets' damage value. The actual damage per pellet is 27.5 Impact b Impact, 7.5 Puncture b Puncture, and 15 Slash b Slash.
  • The listed Status Chance is the base chance per shot that at least one pellet will proc a status. The actual base Status Chance per pellet is ~2.21%.
  • Before Update 12.0, the weapon's price in the market was Credits6475,000.


  • The Strun appears to use a tubular magazine, presumably the cylindrical protrusion near the rear above the stock - the Warframe will push this section while reloading.
    • Assuming the Warframe is adding shells into this tube, or replacing it, it would imply that the shells used by Strun are extremely small, which is quite puzzling given the enormous choke.
  • The regular Grineer Trooper used to use this weapon prior to Update 11.0. They now wield Sobeks.
  • Corrupted Crewmen commonly use the Strun in Void missions, except that their versions fire a burst of yellow energy pellets instead of bullets.
  • The Strun is most likely a Tenno weapon, despite its augmentation the Strun Wraith, a Grineer-focused customization. The Strun bears a faint Tenno marking on its stock as proof.
    • Additionally, the Strun shares many similarities to the Boar, which is a weapon that has received a Prime version, suggesting it as Orokin technology.
  • The Strun received a PBR (Physically Based Rendering) update in Update 16.7.


  • Strun Colour Choices

Strun Skins

Patch HistoryEdit

  • Introduced with game release.

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