Strun Wraith

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Strun Wraith
Weapon Slot Primary
Weapon Type Shotgun
Trigger Type Semi-Auto
Flight Speed Hit-Scan
Fire Rate 2.5 rounds/sec
Pellet Count 10 pellets/round
Accuracy 6.7
Magazine Size 8 rounds/mag
Max Ammo 120 rounds
Normal Attacks
Impact wImpact 97.5
Puncture wPuncture 22.5
Slash wSlash 30.0
Crit Chance 15.0%
Introduced Update 9.7.2
A different take on a familiar shotgun, the Strun Wraith features unique styling.

The Strun Wraith is the first Wraith weapon, which was made available as a reward for the Survival Weekend Event, and the Den of the Kubrow Tactical Alert. It is a modified version of the Strun shotgun, featuring improved stats and firing characteristics.


This weapon deals primarily Impact damage.


  • High Impact b Impact damage, which makes it very effective against shielded enemies.
  • Good pellet count/spread ratio (greater pellet count/spread than Hek).
  • Fast reload rate.
  • High status chance.
  • Good ammo efficiency.
  • Has a Naramon Pol polarity.


  • Damage falloff over distance.
  • Ineffective against high armored enemies until modded.


  • Compared to the MK1-Strun:
    • Higher base damage (150.0 vs. 120.0).
      • Higher Impact b Impact damage (97.5 vs. 66.0).
      • Higher Puncture b Puncture damage (22.5 vs. 18.0).
      • Lower Slash b Slash damage (30.0 vs. 36.0).
    • Faster rate of fire (2.5 rounds/s vs. 2.1 rounds/s).
  • Compared to the Strun:
    • Lower base damage (150.0 vs. 168.0).
      • Higher Impact b Impact damage (97.5 vs. 92.4).
      • Lower Puncture b Puncture damage (22.5 vs. 25.2).
      • Lower Slash b Slash damage (30.0 vs. 50.4).
    • Tighter cone spread (6.7 vs. 4.0).
    • Higher Crit chance (15.0% vs. 7.5%).
    • Higher Crit multiplier (2.0x vs. 1.5x).
    • Higher status chance (40.0% vs. 20.0%).


Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • As a reward weapon, the Strun Wraith comes with its own weapon slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst.
  • Lower damage per pellet than Hek and Sobek, but higher than Boar.
  • Accuracy appears to be close to, if not identical, to the Hek.
  • The listed damage is actually the total of all the pellets' damage value. The actual damage per pellet is 9.7 impact, 2.2 puncture, and 3 slash.


  • Strun Wraith combines well with critical rate and damage mods as the critical rate for each pellet is very high.
  • Vicious Spread works well on this shotgun.
  • A high status can result in an excellent crowd control weapon, depending on the elemental build. Radiation can result in a similar but less effective version of Nyx's Chaos.


  • When the Strun Wraith was first released, it had a critical chance of 50%, making it the weapon with the highest critical chance (prior to the release of the Synapse). This was unintended and was changed in a hotfix a few hours after release.
  • This weapon was a reward for surviving at least 20 minutes during the Survival Weekend Event in a single round.
  • The Strun Wraith is the first Wraith Tenno weapon.
  • The Strun Wraith is the first Wraith weapon to be re-released.
  • When equipped with all four elemental damage mods that provide status chance, one can reach a status chance of 100%.
  • As with all Wraith weapons, only the energy color can be changed. Other colors may be selected, but will not show on the weapon.


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