Sundering Strike

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Polarity Bar
Rarity Rare
Dropped by Infested Volatile Runner
Tier 3 Survival Reward
Orokin Void Containers

Sundering Strike increases puncture damage on a melee weapon.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 15% 2 C8
1 30% 3 C8
2 45% 4 C11
3 60% 5 C14
4 75% 6 C17
5 90% 7 C20


  • Stacks with Rending Strike for a maximum 170% puncture damage.
  • Mods that increase Puncture Damage only multiply the base Puncture Damage on any given weapon.


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    • Jagged edge is now Slashing damage. Same as Rupture was accidentally written as "+x% puncture" when it was supposed to be impact.
    • The console version (PS4) still does charge damage
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    • I've just picked one up from Infested while on the Lares mission. Infested are not listed as sources for this mod.
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