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Sure Footed increases a Warframe's chance to resist knockdown.

Players will automatically perform a blocking animation if a successful resistance to knockdown occurs. This animation will briefly halt any player movement, but will not interrupt other actions such as reloading or firing.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +15% 6 C3
1 +30% 7 C3
2 +45% 8 C4
3 +60% 9 C5


  • May be stacked with Fortitude and Power Drift for complete immunity to knockdown.
    • Should be noted that your Warframe will still have to "block" the source of the knockdown effect, a 1-2 second animation. This isn't immunity like Atlas Passive or Rhinos Iron Skin.
  • Includes resistance from Scorpion's tether attack and resistance from Corpus Laser doors.



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