Sure Shot increases the Status Chance of Pistols.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +2.5% 2 C30
1 +5% 3 C30
2 +7.5% 4 C35
3 +10% 5 C40
4 +12.5% 6 C45
5 +15% 7 C50


  • This mod replaced Stopping Power in Update 11.
  • The Status Chance increase this mod grants is multiplicative, not additive. A base proc chance of 10% with an added 15% from a fully-ranked Sure Shot would give you a total of 11.5% status chance (15% out of 10% is 1.5%). As such, this mod is less effective on weapons with low status chances.
  • Since this mod only increases status chance by 15%, one is recommended to use dual stat elemental mods instead, as they increase status chance by 60%. Even an unranked one will have the same status chance as a max rank Sure Shot, while costing 3 less mod capacity and giving additional elemental damage.


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