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Syandanas are cosmetic garments worn on the back of the Warframe. They feature cloth physics, swaying to the Warframe's movement. Some Warframe specific cosmetics, such as Mortos and Valkyr's Bonds, are now treated as auxiliary cosmetics (whereas they had once been treated as Syandanas) and may be equipped simultaneously with a Syandana. All Syandanas can be used by any Warframe. Syandanas can be recolored independently of the Warframe's colors under the Attachments section of the Appearance tab in the Arsenal, sharing their colors with Armor. A select few Syandanas have channeling patterns on them though most Syandanas are unaffected by channeling. Currently, all Prime Syandanas were only available through certain Prime Access packs.

"Syandana" is a Sanskrit word स्यन्दन that can mean "flowing".

Market-available Edit

Syandana Lore Exclusivity
Platinum64‍ 50
ErosionCape Evokes stone scarred but not destroyed by the sea’s tireless onslaught.
Day of the Dead Abrasys
Platinum64‍ 50
DOTDAbrasys A morbidly festive syandana. Halloween
Platinum64‍ 85
KazInfScarf This malignant growth hangs elegantly on the shoulders of any Tenno.
Platinum64‍ 50
DEAsa A traditional Tenno garment, this Syandana is woven from ancient, Orokin synthetic thread.
Platinum64‍ 90
TennoCapeAngle Envelope a Warframe in this silk nature inspired Syandana.
Platinum64‍ 70
CenturiaSyandana Take command with this imposing cloak.
Danavi NovaDeluxeScarf Nova Asuri's signature syandana. Nova Asuri Collection
Platinum64‍ 90
TennoCapeFeathers Envelope a Warframe in this silk nature inspired Syandana.
Platinum64‍ 75
GrineerTurbinesScarf A syandana of Grineer design.
Platinum64‍ 50
HornSkullDefaultScarf Used for festive ceremonies, this Syandana was often worn during social gatherings.
Prisma Hecate
Credits64‍ 300,000
PrismaHornSkullScarf This Hecate Syandana has been threaded with filaments of prisma crystals. Baro Ki'Teer
Platinum64‍ 90
FireFlyScarf This wing-like syandana invokes the beauty and agility of the Ceresean Butterfly Sparrow.
Day Of The Dead Igaro
Platinum64‍ 90
DOTDIgaro An Igaro Syandana adorned with a morbidly festive deign. Halloween
Platinum64‍ 85
InfestedFinsScarf An infested syandana made from living tissue.
Platinum64‍ 50
TurtleNeckScarf Before the fall, the Imperator Syandana was bestowed upon only the highest-ranking Orokin commanders.
Festive Imperator
Platinum64‍ 50
HolidayScarf A festive variation of the Imperator Syandana. Christmas
Platinum64‍ 105
TnoCape The exclusive garment of Tenno chosen to protect Orokin Council of Executors.
Ki'Teer Syandana
Credits64‍ 500,000
BaroCape Walk the cutting edge of fashion with this exclusive Ki'Teer original. Baro Ki'Teer
Ki'Teer Diax Syandana
Credits64‍ 450,000
KiTeerDiaxCape Define style with this crystalline cape. Baro Ki'Teer
Solstice Ki'Teer Syandana
Credits64‍ 200,000
SolsticeBaroCape A Ki'Teer Syandana that has been adorned with a festive design. Baro Ki'Teer
Ki'Teer Razza Syandana
Credits64‍ 350,000
KiTeerRazzaSyandana Exude style and poise with this refined accessory. Baro Ki'Teer
Kuva Braid
Platinum64‍ 50
GrnQueenScarf Symbolizing the corrupting powre of the Grineer Queens
Kuva Cloak
Platinum64‍ 50
QueenHoodScarf Once worn by an elegant Elder Queen, before time and disease left her body mangled and disfigured.
Platinum64‍ 50
April2015Scarf A Tenno Syandana evocative of winged night creatures.
Day of the Dead Kyroptera
Platinum64‍ 50
DOTDKyroptera A morbidly festive syandana. Halloween
Ormolu Kyroptera
Platinum64‍ 100
BrassAndGoldSyandana Custom edition of the Kyroptera Syandana forged by Tenno artisans. Ormolu Bundle
Laddak Cloak
Platinum64‍ 50
GrnStrapsScarf Fashioned with spare field components this cloak is an example of rarely seen creativity within the Grineer ranks.
Platinum64‍ 100
InfTentacleScarf A crown of bone spawns a mass of writhing, meaty, Infested tentacles.
Platinum64‍ 90
LotusCape Worn to honor The Lotus.
Platinum64‍ 100
CrpAladScarf An opulent display of privilege for the Corpus elite becomes a trophy for the Tenno who fought them.
Pakal Syandana StalkerCape Formed from the bones of Sentient fighters and given to the Stalker by Hunhow. Hunhow's Gift
Palatine RhinoDeluxeScarf A Syandana fit for a knight. Palatine Pack
Platinum64‍ 70
FlameScarf During the Orokin Era, only the most fierce warriors were permitted to wear this flaming Syandana.
Rath Kittag
Platinum64‍ 50
GrnTubeScarf A prototype destined for one of Tyl Regor's experiments, this syandana has been repurposed for Tenno Agents.
Platinum64‍ 95
ArcherCape Ivara's cocoon-like syandana.
Winter Solstice Salix
Platinum64‍ 95
WinterSolsticeSalix A Salix Syandana adorned with a festive design.
Platinum64‍ 90
TennoCapeLeafDot Envelope a Warframe in this silk nature inspired Syandana.
Platinum64‍ 85
InfScarfRibCage A sinuous spine of Infested anatomy.
Platinum64‍ 90
TnoIntermScarf A flowing ribbon of silken fabric, crowned with a star.
Platinum64‍ 50
DEUru The Syandana is a traditional Tenno garment. This variation was often worn during the Tenno Absolution Ceremony.
Platinum64‍ 75
GrnBannerCape Add insult to injury by mocking the Grineer with their own banner.
Day Of The Dead Vanquished
Platinum64‍ 75
DOTDVanquishedBanner A Vanquished Banner that has been adorned with a morbidly festive deign. Halloween
Solstice Vanquished Banner
SolsticeGrnBannerScarf A Vanquished Banner that has been adorned with a festive deign. Tennobaum Ultimate Goal Award
Vexillus Cloak
Platinum64‍ 100
CrpModularScarf March through the battlefield with this Corpus cloak.
Platinum64‍ 50
DinoSpikeScarf Once worn exclusively by Orokin Judiciary, the Yamako Syandana is a symbol of wisdom and authority.
Prisma Yamako
Credits64‍ 250,000
PrismaDinoSpikeScarf Forged by Orokin era artisans, this exquisite syandana is finished by bathing its prisma crystal in pure void energy. Baro Ki'Teer
Platinum64‍ 50
DEyomo A traditional garment, popular with high ranking Tenno.

Syndicate offerings Edit

Syandana Lore Exclusivity
Asita Rakta Syandana SyndicateRVScarf This Asita Rakta Syandana ignites a jet of flames that burns brighter with each stealth takedown. Red Veil
(Exalted Rank)
Sancti Syandana SyndicateNLScarf The Sancti Syandana pulses every time the Tenno uses an ability and continues to strengthen with each ability used. New Loka
(Flawless Rank)
Secura Syandana SyndicatePSScarf This Secura Syandana pulses every time a Tenno picks up credits and glows brighter as their wealth increases. The Perrin Sequence
(Partner Rank)
Synoid Syandana SyndicateCSScarf The Synoid Syandana glows more brightly with every scan performed. Cephalon Suda
(Genius Rank)
Telos Syandana SyndicateAHScarf With every enemy struck down the Telos Syandana glows stronger. Arbiters of Hexis
(Maxim Rank)
Vaykor Syandana SyndicateSMScarf The Vaykor Syandana flares up whenever the Tenno takes damage. Steel Meridian
(General Rank)
Celestia Syandana ConclaveCape Displays Daily Conclave Challenge progress, with a beam of light for each completed challenge. Conclave
(Typhoon Rank)

Prime Access/Vault exclusives Edit

Syandana Lore Exclusivity
Capella Prime PrimeScarfF This graceful cape is the signature Syandana of Banshee Prime. Prime Access
Citadella Prime PrimeScarfV Envoking fortress designs of the ancient past, this is Vauban Prime's signature Syandana. Prime Access
Cycuta Prime PrimeScarfD An ancient Syandana worn during Tenno purification meditation. Prime Access
Misa Prime DEMisaPrimeSyandana Discovered in the vaults of a drifting derelict, this Syandana was worn by Temple Guardians before the fall of the Orokin Empire. Prime Access

Prime Vault

Noru Prime NoruPrimeSyandana A relic from another time, this syandana is a highly ornamental and prized garment. Prime Access
Pyra Prime PrimeFlameScarf A ceremonial version of the Pyra that drapes the entire back in a cape of flames. Prime Access

Prime Vault

Uru Prime ...Syandana Let these massive segments of interlinked gold and silver ripple down a Warframe's back. Nekros Prime Access
Yamako Prime YamakoPrimeSyandana An ancient and golden syandana, worn only by those chosen to lead the Orokin High Court. Prime Access

TennoGen ExclusivesEdit

Syandana Lore Author
All Consoles
Arcturus SWRSevenArcturusScarf Soar through space in style with this Syandana as you leave a trail of interstellar space debris behind you. FrellingHazmot
Bodo SWRSevenBodoScarf An elegant syandana for Tenno. luchafurel
Jattuk Mantle SWRTwoJattukMantle The Jattuk was an early prototype for the Grineer's aerial combat augment. While several spontaneous combustions made this model obsolete compared to the later Hellion model, this did not stop several trendy Grineer from mass-producing it for cosmetic purposes. Master Noob
Nsaru SWRTwoNsaruScarf Two shoulder mounts drape a scarf across your back. Master Noob
Rota SWROneRotaScarf Inspired by the Orokin traps, this syandana is worn as a trophy by those who bested the void. Master Noob
PC Exclusive
Aquiros SWRTwoAquirosScarf A long lost ancient Orokin relic, once uncovered by Corpus pioneer, but then raided by Tyl Regor‘s Drekar Marines. This relic represents the fusion of Orokin Superiority, Corpus Technology, and Grineer Cruelty. led2012
Ayla SWRFourAylaScarf A syandana with a ring and tattered cloth Cobalt
Boltara SWRFiveBoltaraScarf Spikes and fancy swirls. The perfect companion to your arsenal of all things Bolt. Faven_PS
Deru SWRFiveDeruScarf Originally an Orokin experimental device that was used to gather residual Void Energies from their surroundings. The Tenno have since redesigned this as a fashion accessory that feeds from their own power. malayu
Disconnect SWRFourDisconnectScarf A nimble syandana for the fashion minded power user. Ninjas unplug. Faven_PS
Maharliqa SWRFourMaharliqaScarf Face the Twin Queens with this sunrays-inspired Syandana led2012
Officium SWRFiveOfficiumScarf Combining several facets of Corpus craftsmanship, this syandana utilizes projection and levitation fields to display an elegant reminder of the Corpus Officium. Hitsu San
Operative Shift
Sari SWRSixSariScarf The Silver Grove is merciful; whosoever is foolish enough to step into Her domain have a chance to escape if left untouched. The foolish ones are swallowed whole and become part of her. malayu
Sciathin SWRFourSciathinScarf Tenno skeptics have long doubted the physics behind a bullet-jump, so rather than explaining it to them a fashionable backpack was created to make bullet-jumping seem more physically feasible. Master Noob
Sekta SWRThreeSetkaScarf For those who can't decide between a syandana, a cape or a holographic display on their backs. Master Noob
Spitefire Graxx SWRSixSpitefireScarf Need more thrust? Faven_PS
Teplo SWRFourTeploScarf A worn torn hooded scarf. FrellingHazmot

All TennoGen Syandanas share the same price. For PC players, these are available only to players whose Warframe accounts are linked with Steam, and will need to be purchased with Steam Wallet credit, or other methods available via Steam.

Currency Price
USD $5.99
EUR €5.99
GBP £4.79
RUB ₽149.99
CAD $6.49
PHP ₱199.95
IDR Rp55,999.00
SGD $6.50

For Console players, these can be purchased for Platinum64‍ ???.

Other ExclusivesEdit

Syandana Lore Exclusivity
Phased Asa PhasedAsa The Void's corrupting energy has scarred this syandana, leaving it permanently out of phase with conventional space Steam™
Phased Skins
Harkonar Wraith WraithHarkonarScarf A blood-red variant of this symbolic Grineer armor. The Pacifism Defect Event
Jade Imperator JadeTurtleNeckScarf A next-generation syandana XB1™ Exclusive
Rakta Syandana HornSkullScarf The Rakta Syandana is awarded by the Red Veil for exemplary valor. This honor is rarely given to outsiders. Specters Of Liberty
Rubedo Yamako RubedoSkinYamakoSyandana This syandana has been adorned with a fine layer of Rubedo plating. Steam™
Rubedo Skins
Obsidian Yomo ArmScarfPS4 A next-generation syandana. PS4™ Exclusive
TennoCon Syandana TennoCon2016Syandana TennoCon 2016 Exclusive Syandana. TennoCon 2016
Dex Nouchali Syandana DexScarf A gift from the Lotus to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the first Tenno waking from Cryo stasis. Fourth Anniversary gift


  • Can be colored by energy color!
  • Cant be colored (yet!)
  • The Yomo Syandana.
  • The Yomo Syandana on mag.
  • Asa Syandana on Rhino.
  • Asa Syandana on Excalibur.
  • Asa Syandana on Ash.
  • Asa Syandana on Vauban.
  • Asa Syandana on Frost Prime.
  • Asa Syandana on Nova.
  • Asa Syandana on Loki.
  • Asa Syandana on Ember.
  • Uru Syandana on Ash
  • Uru Syandana on Nekros
  • Uru can change color after update 10.0.4.
  • Misa Syandana on Nova
  • Misa Syandana on Ember Prime
  • After update 11.5 syandana´s can now be seen in the lobby and codex
  • Pyra Prime on Ember Prime
  • Prisma Hecate Syandane with Prisma Skana
  • Channeling through the Prisma Hecate Syandana
  • Ormolu Kyroptera Syandana on Volt Prime
  • Palatine Syandana on Rhino with Palatine skin
  • The Phased asa syandana cannot be colored
  • The Ki'Teer Syandana on Mag
  • Igaro Syandana

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 19.5.4
  • Improved cloth physics of both the Salix and Winter Solstice Salix Syandana.

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