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Weapon Slot Primary
Weapon Type Rifle
Trigger Type Continuous
Noise Level ~25.0m
Firing Rate 10.0 rounds/sec
Accuracy 12.5
Magazine Size 100 rounds/mag
Max Ammo 540 rounds
Reload Time 1.5s
Normal Attacks
Elemental Type Electricity b Electricity
Elemental Dmg 12.5
Crit Chance 50.0%
Crit Damage 200.0%
Polarities None
Introduced Update 10.0
Powered by a bio-chemical reaction, the infested Synapse rifle fries its targets with a steady stream of electricity.

The Synapse is an Infested bio-weapon that projects constant arcs of electricity. It is only available through Bio Lab Research in the Dojo.

The Synapse can be sold for Credits64‍7,500.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 24 hr
Rush: Platinum64 35
Market Price: N/A Blueprint Price: Credits64 ‍50,000
Bio Lab Research Requirements
Time: 72 hr
Prereq: Embolist
Ghost x1   Shadow x3   Storm x10   Mountain x35   Moon x100



  • Highest Critical Chance of all weapons, alongside the Dread and Amprex.
  • Good base critical damage.
  • Instantly reaches its max range of 18m.
  • Large magazine size.
  • High base damage.
  • Fast reload time.
  • Imperfect accuracy, unlike the Flux Rifle, making shots easier to hit without precise aiming.
  • Specializes in Electricity b Electricity damage, making it effective against Robotic and Machinery-enemies. Electricity is a versatile damage type, combining for Magnetic b Magnetic, Corrosive b Corrosive and Radiation b Radiation.
  • Compared to the Amprex:
    • Faster reload speed.
    • Higher damage.
    • Lower ammo consumption.


  • Damage cannot be increased with Slash b Slash, Impact b Impact or Puncture b Puncture mods.
  • When combining elements, Electricity b Electricity damage is added last.
  • Limited range (18m).
  • Imperfect accuracy is worsened through Electric Shield.
  • Poor ammo efficiency.
  • Compared to the Amprex:
    • Lower status chance and rate of fire.
    • It doesn`t have an AoE effect, being only a single target weapon.

Weapon LoadoutsEdit

Main article: Category:Synapse Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.


  • It is a good weapon to use against robotics, especially combined with Volt's Electric Shield.
  • To have a "pure" element different from Electricity b Electricity, you will have to add Stormbringer and/or High Voltage as a placeholder.
  • With max Point Strike Synapse's crit chance can be increased up to 125%, ensuring critical hits and good chance at mega-crits, though a Rank 3 Point Strike will be sufficient to increase its crit chance to 100% if low on mod energy.
  • As mentioned above, using the Synapse in conjunction with Volt's Electric Shield worsens the Synapse's imperfect accuracy. When using Heavy Caliber, the accuracy is somewhat low at even medium range.
    • As of Update 11, the Synapse can no longer do constant red crits when used in conjunction with Volt's Electric Shield.
  • Its high rate of fire, high status effect chance, and innate elemental nature allows it to be used very effectively with elemental modifications. By applying an elemental effect other than electricity you can reduce armor, reduce shields, or apply confusion with ease.


  • This item was added in Update 10.
  • Crafting the Synapse used to require 11 Mutagen Masses and 3 Forma before being announced as a mistake, reducing it down to 5 and 2 respectively.
    • Synapse is the only weapon to require two Formas to be built.
  • The tendrils at the front end of the Synapse move, retracting and enclosing the muzzle upon holstering the rifle. This suggests the weapon is a living organism.
  • A Synapse is a nervous system structure that acts as a 'gate' between neurons, allowing electrical signals to be passed between nerve cells. Synapses help form the electrical pathways of the nervous system.
  • This weapon seems to be based on the Electric Crawler as it has similar lighting attacks.
  • The Synapse resembles the Shock Roach weapon from the game Half-Life: Opposing Force.


  • Synapse Colour Customization


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