Restores SHIELDS for all team members.

—In-game Description

This item can be put in your gear pack to use in game, and it cannot be sold. When activated, it will drop a pod which pulses every 7.5 seconds for a total of four times, with each pulse giving 35 shields for a total of 140 shields.

If used while a player's shield is at full capacity, Team Shield Restore will create an overshield that increases the player's shield capacity beyond its maximum. This overshield does not regenerate, and has a maximum capacity of 1,200 shield points.


The Team Shield Restore blueprint is reusable and can be purchased for Credits64 500

Manufacturing Requirements
Resource Quantity
Ferrite64 Ferrite 400
Credits64 Credits 1,000
Build Time 1 min
Rush Build Platinum64 1


  • Compared to other "restore" gear, this is the only gear with a slightly different description and a different name. This could be an error by the developers.

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