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Teleport Teleport (Vor) ZippyVor
Vor teleports towards, around or away from the target, bringing him into his effective range.
Used by:
Captain Vor
Corrupted Vor

  • Captain Vor teleports toward the farthest target to bring them into a close enough range and will then strafe-teleport around target. If said target gets too close, he will teleport away from them.
    • Corrupted Vor uses this ability far more often than his preceding counterpart.
  • There is a little delay in the teleport during which Vor is invulnerable.
  • It is believed that Captain Vor uses this ability to teleport squads of Grineer after he casts his Sphere Shield.

  • Limited teleport range.
  • His teleport can be exploited on corners or behind cover such as the two boxes, since this will merely warp himself into the same place. Making him an easier target.

  • Contrary to popular belief, Vor does not teleport -- Rather, he actually enters a physics defying hyperspeed as seen here.

See AlsoEdit

  • Captain Vor
  • Ash, the Warframe who also possesses this ability.
  • Stalker, the entity who also possesses this ability.
  • Flameblade, the Grineer unit who possesses this ability.

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