Tether Grenades is an Index Mod for the Penta that causes launched grenades to stick to level geometry and pull nearby enemies. Additionally, grenades will stop bouncing from enemies, and instead they will fly straight through them. It also adds delayed self-detonation to grenades.


Rank Number of enemies Range Cost
0 2 4m 2
1 3 5m 3
2 3 6m 4
3 4 7m 5
4 4 8m 6
5 5 9m 7


  • Can be used on the Secura Penta.
  • Grenades will not tether to Capture or Synthesis Targets.
  • Self-detonation occurs 10 seconds after landing.
    • Can still be manually detonated.


  • Multiple grenades can be used to substitute for Warframe crowd control abilities when not enough energy is present to cast abilities.
  • Grenades will explode on contact with water and Tar-Mutalist MOA's tar puddles.
  • Grenades still do self-damage with this mod equipped.


  • If your Penta is silenced, this mod will cause it to act as though it didn't have the silenced property at all.
  • Adhesive Blast will not allow grenades to stick to enemies with this mod installed as well.
  • Grenades will stick to ragdolled enemies, such as those under the effects of abilities like Spellbind, Vortex or Larva, or those launched by Slam Attacks. If a grenade sticks to enemies in this state, they will be pulled towards the grenade by the tether, causing them to fly wildly around in the air.
  • Tether and additional grenade glow effects are not influenced by weapon's energy color.
  • This mod will negatively affect flight speed, however, using it in conjunction with Terminal Velocity or a Riven Mod that adds a bonus to flight speed can offset this.

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