Vem Tabook is the leader of The Grustrag Three. He uses a modified Hek that fires electro-shells in bursts of around 10 at its target, each shell dealing electricity damage in a small radius, making them deadly should all of them connect with their target or the surrounding terrain.

Grustrag Reconditioning Facility

Inmate Report: Vem Tabook

Vem Tabook, leader of 'The Grustrag Three', was committed after the group slaughtered all fellow marines aboard a troop transport. Evidently, the ship took too long to reach battle and the subject was simply "impatient for the killing". Like his accomplices Shik Tal and Leekter, Tabook suffers from a rare cloning mutation. This makes him highly effective in combat but completely unfit for duty.

RECOMMENDATION: Permanent incarceration for study. The subject's combat ability cannot be ignored. If the subject's aggression can be focused, he may yet prove a useful weapon.

- Doctor Tengus

  • "YYYou are the sc-crawniest of them all!"
  • "Are you the bbbest they have!?"
  • "SSShiny little pppretty things, you Tenno are!"
  • "U-U-Unacceptable!" - Ally is Killed.
  • "Starting capture." - Capturing Target.
  • "This one is mine." - Capturing Target.