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The Index is a Corpus Arena-style mission type hosted by Nef Anyo on Neptune, in which Tenno and elite Corpus units fight to earn credits and other prizes.

Investment Edit

Before entering the Index, the player initiating the mission must select an Investment amount in Credits that each squad member must pay in order to enter. There are three different investments:

Risk Wager Profit Point Target
Low Credits64‍ 45,000 Credits64‍ 75,000 25 Points
Medium Credits64‍ 60,000 Credits64‍ 135,000 50 Points
High Credits64‍ 75,000 Credits64‍ 200,000 100 Points

Each player in the squad will be asked to invest the same amount of credits, and in public matches, players will be matched with others participating in the same investment tier.

This Investment will determine the Point Target the team has, which is a designated amount of Index points that the team must cumulatively deposit and score in the match. If the team achieves the Point Target during the match, their invested Credits will be returned doubled after the match, earning each player profit. However, if the team wins the match but doesn't achieve their Point Target, then their investment is only reimbursed without interest, and if the team loses the match then each player will lose their investment completely.


The goal of the Index is to earn Index score for the team through the collection of Index Points, which are dropped by participants killed in battle. Represented as green, glowing diamonds, Index Points can be collected by walking over them, and then deposited to a designated bank location in order to earn the actual Index score. Every point deposited will add 10 more seconds to the timer, prolonging the match duration. When an enemy scores, the timer will go down by 10 seconds.

Financial Stress: A player can hold multiple Index Points at once, and will gain bonus points for depositing large amounts at once (e.g. depositing 5 Index Points at once will grant +2 bonus points, for a total of 7 points added). Bonus points will not affect the duration of the timer. However, holding large numbers of Index Points will reduce the player's health and shields, and constantly drain energy. All of these effects are proportional to the number of Index Points held, and is delivered through the Financial Stress debuff displayed by the player's HUD to the upper right.

The player's team will win if they score more Index Points than the opposing team before time runs out. If by the end of the match the players happen to tie, the tie goes to Nef Anyo.

Limitations Edit

Energy and Health orbs are only available at preset dispenser locations throughout the arena, spawning periodically. Players are unable to use Companions and Sentinels during the match, and they are also unable to use Gear items.

The BrokersEdit

Brokers are the elite Corpus units that participate in the Index to oppose the Tenno. These Brokers are divided into 4 different groups, with each group being selected at random as the opponents for a particular match.


Aside from the bonus Credits earned from completing an Index match, at the end of match special Index Mods will be rewarded. Like the Executioner Mods introduced with Rathuum, these mods are special augments for certain weapons:

Operation rewards Edit

  • 5 completed matches: The Index Badge, Access to The Index: Stage 2
  • 10 completed matches: Exilus Adapter, Access to The Index: Endurance
  • 100 total score in Endurance: The Index Sigil
Warframe Guide - INDEX19:47

Warframe Guide - INDEX

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 20.0
  • All of the Index mission options available on The Index node on Neptune have been removed, except for the Endurance mode. This node is optional, and is not required to complete Neptune. Since Endurance modes play out with no explicit end, we've made all Index enemies drop all Index exclusive mods so that you can remain in the same Endurance mission without missing out on drops that the enemies don't spawn.

Update 19.6.0

  • Fixed performance issues.


  • Fixed a rare progression stopping bug in The Index if players are losing but then score enough to win just before the round ends.

Hotfix 19.5.6

  • Fixed absent transmissions causing a progression stopping bug.

Hotfix 19.5.5

  • Change: The Index missions are no longer required as part of Neptune's completion.
  • Fix: Fixed not being able to fully unlock Neptune due to The Index.

Hotfix 19.5.3

  • Fixed points scored in the last round not counting towards your Wager score.

Update 19.5

  • The Index was partially revamped, 2 new mods and a new team added.

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