• Coordination and teamwork is key. Make use of the leader mechanic and appoint someone as one. Avoid teaming up with inattentive and/or disobedient players.
  • Crowd Control is especially an important factor in this Trial, and as such, it is advised to have some Warframes which boast plenty of Crowd Control capabilities such as Loki's Irradiating Disarm or Nova's Molecular Prime.
  • Having a Trinity is also an important addition in this Trial as most of the stages requires players to keep their health (Toxin b Toxin drain in the first stage), shield (the Hijack in second stage) and energy (Tritium Battery requires a high amount of energy to charge) up most of the time.
  • Four Corrosive Projections can be useful to strip all existing armors, and proves to be a very effective tactic when dealing with the enemies, as their highly scaled armor can prove to be a very difficult protection to bypass.
    • However, as the objective of all stages does not involve explicitly fighting the mobs (save for the Assassination), available Corrosive Projections can be disregarded if the cell wishes.
  • Having a bullet sponge such as Valkyr with Hysteria activated or bullet mitigator such as Limbo in the Rift Plane can be useful to revive downed players.
  • Rare Grineer Containers and Reinforced Grineer Containers have a significantly increased spawn chance in the Trial. It is common to find at least one in every Trial.
    • Multiple rare containers can spawn in every stage.
    • Rare Containers often awards 30-60 minutes of Credit Booster, which will multiply the total credit rewards up to Credits64391,600 per run. Use Loot Detector, Animal Instinct or Thief's Wit to help bonus credits may appear in reinforced crates as well.