Section 1: Decode

  • NkKyRqF-1-

    The various locations of the symbols. Notice how the left wing sports a cut on the upper half of the letter; while the right wing sports a cut on the lower half.

    A classic and simple tip when doing the Security Room is to determine orders of players stepping firsthand with priorities in mind. For example, frames with least amount of crowd control capabilities like Trinity should go first, whilst frames with most crowd control capabilities like Banshee or Loki should go last.
  • Help others find their panel — waypoint (G ) their respective panel to help the squad progress.
    • Remember to remove waypoint if unneeded, as it can cause confusion in player communication.
  • It is advised for all players use any crowd control capabilities they possess, as the vast range of the room can prove difficult for any one Warframe to neutralize enemy threats alone.
  • Know that the label plastered to the panels are actually Grineer Numerical Alphabets, and that they are fixed to their location. In the right wing, from bottom to top are: Grineer 2, Grineer 3, Grineer 4 and Grineer 5 which means 2, 3, 4 and 5. Whilst in the left wing, from top to bottom are: Grineer 6, Grineer 7, Grineer 8 and Grineer 9 which means 6, 7, 8 and 9.
    • Notice the pattern of the label to easily identify the respective wings, the left wing (Grineer 9, Grineer 8, Grineer 7, Grineer 6) sports a cut on the upper half of the letter; while the right wing (Grineer 2, Grineer 3, Grineer 4, Grineer 5) sports a cut on the lower half of the letter.

Section 2: Hijack

  • If players want to defeat The Grustrag Three without having a full Corrosive Projection, bring a proc weapon such as Tysis (Corrosive b Corrosive-modded) in hand.
  • Taking few Rejuvenations will help keep the core's health at bay, negating any health drain.
  • Snow Globe with a maximized Ability Range can help protect the core from incoming damage, this is especially an important factor as enemies in this trial could destroy the Core in seconds.
  • In order to avoid core being zapped by electricity, it is good to have only one core escort person who will not move, thus not allowing core to move, until electricity is disabled. All others players should move left/right of core's "path" to avoid moving it to electric trap.
  • Taking a Sancti Magistar is a good idea. It will heal the Fomorian Core when you land a charged attack to an enemy.