• Bringing a few Rejuvenations can help negate the constant health drain in the stage.
    • This can also apply to the nightmare version of the Tritium Sabotage, albeit very impractical as it requires more than four Rejuvenations to fully negate the health drain.
    • Note that if you don't have enough Rejuvenations to negate the constant health drain. It can actually harm the raids progress as it makes Quick Thinking drain extra energy. This is because the toxin will take you to 2 health and drain energy, but then Rejuvenation will heal you a bit and the toxin will instantly take you back to 2 health and drain extra energy.
  • You can take advantage of the constant health damage to constantly activate arcanes (with trigger criteria of being damaged) with high trigger chance: ArcaneGuardian64x Arcane Guardian and ArcaneAvenger64x Arcane Avenger. ArcaneAgility64x Arcane Agility, ArcaneBarrier64x Arcane Barrier and ArcaneGrace64x Arcane Grace can also be used, however will not activate as frequently due to its low trigger chance.
  • A Loki alone can open the co-op door all by himself, by casting Decoy onto one pad and have himself activate the other pad.
    • Beware that having someone step on the Decoy activated pad will disable it.
  • You can also open the door by yourself by standing on one pad and going to your operator mode to activate the other.
  • Try having a Warframe with a large energy capacity such as Nova or Loki as the battery carrier; having a Trinity to recharge their energy is also an effective synergy.
  • To detonate a Tritium battery faster, shoot it after dropping, be cautious to take some distance from battery before detonating as it can kill.