• Bringing a few Rejuvenations can help negate the constant health drain in the stage.
    • This can also apply to the nightmare version of the Tritium Sabotage, albeit very impractical as it requires more than four Rejuvenations to fully negate the health drain.
  • You can take advantage of the constant health damage to constantly activate arcanes (with trigger criteria of being damaged) with high trigger chance: Arcane Guardian and Arcane Avenger. Arcane Agility, Arcane Barrier and Arcane Grace can also be used, however will not activate as frequently due to its low trigger chance.
  • A Loki alone can open the co-op door all by himself, by casting Decoy onto one pad and have himself activate the other pad.
    • Beware that having someone step on the Decoy activated pad will disable it.
  • You can also open the door by yourself by standing on one pad and going to your operator mode to activate the other.
  • Try having a Warframe with a large energy capacity such as Nova or Loki as the battery carrier; having a Trinity to recharge their energy is also an effective synergy.
  • To detonate a Tritium battery faster, shoot it after dropping, be cautious to take some distance from battery before detonating as it can kill.

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