The Sergeant, like his Sniper Crewman counterpart, tends to exploit hide-and-snipe tactics as opposed to the head-on-assault of most bosses.

Offensively, he wields a Lanka rifle, which has a very low fire rate but extremely high damage, capable of knocking down players. He also has the ability to turn invisible using a Flash Bang that he throws at his feet; however, the objective marker will give away his position while he is invisible.

Defensively, his shield is weak, but its regeneration is almost constant. Anything more than a moment without him taking damage will allow his shields to recharge fully, which means his shield can regenerate between melee strikes. Also, when coming out of his Flash Bang ability, his shield will be fully charged due to him not receiving any damage while invisible (except for melee damage, which is arguably hard to inflict as the Sergeant is constantly moving while invisible).


RadialBlind Flash Bang ShiningDef
Emits a bright flash of light, blinding all enemies while turning grenade users invisible for short period of time.
5 Meters
10 Seconds (Anyo)
5 Seconds (Target)
Used by:
The Sergeant
Capture Targets
Shik Tal

  • Occasionally, The Sergeant will explode a flashbang and encases himself with an extremely bright light, making him invisible for 10 seconds that is capable of stun blinding enemies in the radius of 5 meters.
  • The Sergeant will not shoot when invisible.

  • The Sergeant won't shoot you despite being invisible.
  • The Sergeant is still vulnerable to melee and all AoE damage in his invisibility.

  • The grenade poses the opposite of Ash's Smoke Screen in spite both are functioning similarly in making their respective users invisible.

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