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The promotions and giveaways that are listed below are not backed by or related to the Warframe Wikia, Wikia website or the Wikia staff in any way.

This page is a record of all rewards and deals that can be obtained through third party webpages and services.

Current Rewards


Steam has a few packages available for purchase, distributed as DLC (one per account)

Starter Pack


This is the perfect pack for a new player to get a quick start in Warframe. This pack offers the flexibility of choosing what you want based on how you like to play. It will open up your choice of Warframes, weapons and equipment and allow you to more quickly advance in the game.



  • 500 platinum and 100,000 credits to start stocking up on equipment immediately. 
  • 6 random Common MOD Cards to being to upgrade your Warframes and weapons right away. 
  • 4 random RARE MOD Cards for extra powerful modifications to your equipment. 
  • The Affinity Booster will rank up your equipment at a faster rate for a few days. 
  • The Credit Booster will allow you to gather credits much quicker for a few days.

Tenno Pack


This is the ultimate pack for a player who wants the best of the best and wants it right now. It contains lots of purchasing power, a pile of powerful modifications and boosters to keep you advancing quickly.



  • 1500 platinum and 100,000 credits to buy all the best equipment.
  • 14 random Common MOD Cards. 
  • 6 random RARE MOD Cards. 
  • The Affinity Booster will rank up your equipment at a faster rate for a few days. 
  • The Credit Booster will allow you to gather credits much quicker for a few days.

Gift Pack


Give the gift of Warframe. This pack is a perfect gift for a friend or clan mate who you would like to reward. Perhaps for someone who did you a good deed or offered helpful assistance? For a friend on their birthday? Or even for no reason at all because that is just the kind of player you are.



  • 500 platinum and 50,000 credits to acquire many of the desirable weapons and Warframes right away. 
  • 7 random MOD Cards to begin upgrading your Warframes and weapons. 
  • PLUS, the Affinity Booster to rank up your equipment at a faster rate for a few days.

[1] Prices may vary due to steam discounts, promotions, and currency conversions.

Past Rewards


Expired 01/06/14

Gezginler, a Turkish non-profit website is currently promoting and distributing away Promo Codes for warframe.


IAHGames Social

IAHGames periodically runs promotions for its users. There are two deals currently.

Year End Sale

Year End Sale 2013

This deal begins November 21, 2013 and expires December 5th 2013.

Note: This promotion seems to still be active. (Needs further testing)


  • Top up through IAHGames iCash payment channel.


  • Double platinum on all top-up.


Yes2013 600x300

Braton Vandal Skin and Excalibur Pendragon Profile Icon Pack

Braton / Braton Vandal Skin and Excalibur Pendragon Profile Icon Pack

This deal expires December 31st 2013.

  • Member of IAHGames Social.
  • IAHGames Social Deal

Quickfire Indie Bundle offered Platinum alongside eight games in a bundle until October 31, 2013.


Requires that you purchase the bundle for $3.50. Other than that, no special requirements but you must register an account with Bundle Stars.

  • 170 Warframe Platinum
  • GTR Evolution (Includes base game)
  • Dark Sector
  • Cannon Fodder 3
  • Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator
  • Space Pirates and Zombies
  • 1953 KGB Unleashed
  • Guardians of Graxia + Map Pack DLC
  • Guardians of Graxia: Elves & Dwarves DLC

The platinum alone is worth $10.



Raptr previously offered the following rewards to its users.

Dedicated Pack

Deal has now expired.
  • Dedicated or above in Warframe (according to Raptr's ranking system)
  • Must have recently run the Raptr Desktop App
  • Verified email address


(expired 17-10 EDT)

Buy platinum with Rixty.

  • A supercharged Aklato with its own unique skin.
    • Comes with a Weapon slot.
  • Rixty deal
  • Rixty MOL skin ingame
  • Aklato RixtyMOL Design View #1
  • Aklato RixtyMOL Design View #2
  • Aklato MOL skin.

Alienware Arena Giveaways

Alienware Arena Warframe 75 Platinum Key Giveaway

(Ran out July 18, 2013)
  • Alienware Arena Account [Free]
  • Limited Quantity [17,000]
  • 75 Platinum

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