Renegade Legacy - Active Competitive Mountain Clan - Recruitment Open!

  • Hello Tenno! Welcome to our 9th recruitment thread on warframe.wikia

    Clan Renegade Legacy is an active Mountain Clan. We accept all tenno that are Mastery Rank 3 or higher.

    To your left you will see a picture of our clan emblem.

    Below are a list of things we can offer:

    MASSIVE dojo for you to observe, relax in, or show off.

    All Dojo Research Completed. Yes, everything is awaiting you to spend credits on it.

    We do daily raids. 

    We do clan events. Yes, that is correct as it is a chance for you to win items such as mods,prime parts, and platinum.

    We have a Teamspeak setup for members to use. If you cannot find help in the in clan tab or alliance tab then there may be help for you in teamspeak.) 

    Regardless if you are looking for a competetive clan or a casual clan then we are right for you! Remember we have a Mastery Rank Requirement of 3 or higher.

    We do have a 14 Day inactive rule which states that being inactive for that period of time or more may result in a kick from the clan. We do this to keep the clan alive, healthy, and active.

    Members must join our teamspeak at ICE.WF upon joining the clan.


    If you would like to join just leave your current clan first then post your ign below.


    We are a competitive clan. During DE (Digital Extremes) clan events we do require members to help the clan get a high score.

    If you want to check on your application please look for post  by Dante016 or -RL-Quipp that look like this **************** Attention************** etc.

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