• i recently build my ember frame i want to know what are the best mods for her.

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    • Depends what you wnt Ember to be? If your looking for a tank, Overheat, Focus, & Continuity mods will have her reducing 91% of all incoming dmg for a good while when Overheat is used. Crowd - Control? Fire Blast, or World On Fire along with Focus & Continuity will have her burning all thts around her but if you perfer WOF as your main move for killin, you can also toss in a Rush move so she can run faster while using WOF maybe a Marathon mod if you like to run miles on end while WOF is in use. Hoped tht helped ya

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    • Ember's abilities are bugged now. So don't play her until hotfix will be released.

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    • thanks to you two, im sad to know that habilities are bugged, and thanks for the mods in the first reply

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    • I have say that I built my Ember after she was supposedly bugged or nerfed and I still love her. I love being a walking furnace of death, so I use continuity, flow, focus, constitution (I tihnk that is the name of the new mod that extends duration), stretch, and occasianlly throw in a marathon/rush or redirection/vitality depending on the situation.  She is a bit squishy without her damage reduction power running, but she is a walking deathtrap, especially for infested. Also one of the fastest frames for me to run and farm with just because anything that comes near burns to death while i am free to loot chests/lockers.

      Enjoy the burn! ~Sheezy

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    • How is she bugged?

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    • There is no game breaking bugs only her skill animations are buged and fire looks weird actually it doesnt look anything like fire at all.

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    • Embersetupdefensemissions

      my ember is setup up for defense missions

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    • Uchavoc wrote:

      my ember is setup up for defense missions

      I find fireblast a bit useless right now.  WoF is much better, and overall cost not that much more, especially with streamline.

      I have not done any polarizing on mine yet, and I'm set up with:

      Redirection 10 (cost)

      Fast Deflection (max)

      Flow (max)

      Streamline (max)

      Continuity (max)

      Constitution (max)

      WoF (max)

      Overheat (max)

      Fireblast (max) - will be swapping this out for stretch/focus when I decide to polarize

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      This is my embers current layout. Since world on fire really is the bread and butter everything is geared towards the most damaging and longest possible. I still need to forma it one more time to cap all the mods, but you get the idea. I personnally dont run fireblast because I feel the damage reduction from overheat outweighs its useful, since it allows me to basically ignore a toxic ancients poison(makes it tick for 1-2 dmg).

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    • For me at least, with Focus and Fireblast maxed, I literally don't do damage on pvp on the Dojo. WOF kills instantly, but fireblast does literally nothing, not even the shield goes down.

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    • I dont use fireball.

      I got Stretch, Streamline, Flow, Continuity, Focus, Max redirection, Fast deflection, then WoF Overheat and Fireblast. No vitality mod since ember has really low life I dont find it worth of the energy points engaged in it. Prefer high shield regeneration rate with fast deflection you only have to worry bout toxic units

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    • A Lone Tenno
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