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  • hello i have recently got an orokin cata from an alert mission and i want to use it in a good way as u dont get an orokin cata for free everyday u know :/ i have got boltor,dread,paris as primary and kunai for secondry, finally orcos as melee and i have rhino and nova so which of all of these should i upgrade with the orokin? i need something to continue with me to the future as i dont want it to be wasted ty very much.

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    • My recommendation:

      As a mastery rank 11 I'm still using the Boltor everywhere.

      The Boltor is a very good weapon in all levels because it does constant damage regardless of the enemies armor and levels.

      I think the Boltor is the best all-rounded damage dealing weapon with emphasis on damage per ammo at all levels (NOT DPS).

      Regarding the bows:

      I don't like bows at all so I just dumped the dread and paris as soon as I got them to 30 for mastery.

      If you like bows however, based on earlier discussion in the forum I suggest that you will use the Paris Prime over normal Paris or Dread.

      Regarding secondary:

      I potatoed my Kunai but I sold it after I compared it to potatoed Despair.

      After mastery rank 7 I got myself the Acrid and I'm using it since.

      Regarding melee:

      At higher levels the melee weapons become less and less useable because you just die too fast when you get hit up-close (in most warframes) so I wouldn't waste the catalyst on that.

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    • what about the warframe? do u not suggest using the orokin on warframes?

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    • Orokin Catalyst can only be used on Weapons. For warframes Orokin Reactors are used.

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    • ohhh i didnt know ty so much.

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    • wrote:
      what about the warframe? do u not suggest using the orokin on warframes?

      If you get your hands on Orokin Reactor than I recommend that you use it on the warframe that suits your playstyle.

      If you like the "I'm a tank and can take a lot of hits standing in your face" approach than you want a Rhino .

      If you like the "I'm just sitting here in my bubble, you can't hurt me while I kill you with time to spare" approach than you want a Frost Prime.

      If you like the "Look at all those melee thingies, they can't even move while I kill them all" approach than you want a Vauban.

      If you like the "Run to the middle of a huge group -> 3..2..1... NUKE'm" approach than you want a Nova.


      I don't use Rhino, I potatoed my Vauban, Frost Prime and Nova (in that order).

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