• Just tried Dual Heat Swords with charge build (Maxed Reflex Coil and Killing Blow), pretty suits me as how Dual Zoren used to be, is there anymore recommended charge type melee weapon that suits Ash as well as Rhino? And also how do you mod your Dual Heat Swords? (If count in potato as 60 mod costs). Looking forward to your reply, thanks and good luck.

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    • Depends:

      Atm, my favorite melee weapons are uber high single target dmg weapons, such as Fangs-highest normal attack single target dps- Furax- highest single target dps using charge attacks. This is because a) they are fun b) enemies rarely group together unless they are infested. I used DHS and Scindo, and multiple charge attack was rare.

      If you like DHS, you will like Scindo. I think Scindo is better because it is more situational, and "true to its nature". Scindo has higher charge dmg, but similar charge DPS. Insane range, AOE Stagger on second stage of the normal attack, insane jump attack, and invulnerable to staggering during normal attacks. Scindo accels against infested-best weapon I found, and decent against other enemies as well.

      The thing with Ash,Rhino,and Loki(the best melee WF atm) is that they can use heavy weapons without compromising survivality. Heavy weapons will result in slower movement and more exposure. Invis,iron skin can alleviate this-as well as the melee crit on invis. So yeah, if you are using those warframes, go with either Scindo, DHS...or other heavy charge weapons.

      Oh, other thing is that with Invis, iron skin, charge attacks are much easier as you rarely get interrupted while charging, so again, go with charge uber DPS heavy weapons.

      With DHS, in following priority: Charge dmg, charge speed, AP,  fury, molten impact, ice damage, elec damage, and crits. Don't bother with crits on Scindo, or other heavy weapons due to their low crit chance and weak melee crit mods. With elementals, you can swap them based on which enemy you are facing-keep AP though, it scales best.

      With Rhino, I use Fang with maxed out fury. It makes him faster than rushing Loki-not kidding, slide attack speed is ridiculous- and is a good melee weapon. Only problem with Fang is that it suffers little bit when pure DPS is needed: boss fights. Still, get much less damage because you are so fast, and since you are modding it for the normal damage, the slide attack damage scales really well. Highest normal AP dps doesn't hurt either.

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    • Hi, thanks for your reply! I had my Scindo with rank 9.Actually, I can't stand for the screen shake of Scindo, felt dizzy when swinging it -_-

      So I'd probably focus on Fang (due to the attack speed of Fang, it shakes the screen too IMO, lol) and.. 1 heavy weapon :D

      For heavy weapon, as you said, you recommended Scindo, may I ask how about Gram? Is it worth to get/use if compare with Scindo?

      I'm probably aiming Ash and Rhino (my next warframe to go), and my Primary would be Latron, sidearm as Kraken.

      Anyway I had a Orokin Catalyst with me now (Finally!!), should I use it on my Fang/Scindo/Maybe Gram(?) [Looking forward to your opinions about this weapon]

      Thanks and good luck!

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    • Owh sorry, I skipped the DHS, I had 1 DHS with me too.

      • Should I use it on my DHS/Fang/Scindo/Maybe Gram(?) [Looking forward to your opinions about this weapon]
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    • And also thanks for ur suggestions about mods! :D

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    • This is my planned mods for my Dual Heat:

      Reflex Coil 7 - 60% Charge speed

      Killing Blow 11 - 150% Charge damage

      Fury 9 - 60% Fire rate

      Pressure Point 9 - 42% Melee damage

      Sundering Strike 7 - 90% Armor piercing damage

      North Wind 11 - 60% Freeze damage

      Molten Impact 11->6 (Tactic polarity) - 90% Fire damage

      = 60 Costs

      Will this be fine? I saw you didn't note Pressure Point but Shocking Touch and Critical mods, should I change Pressure Point to..?? (Don't know how to arrange my mods now lol)

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    • Hmm, was enjoying my DHS with maxed Reflex Coil and Killing Blow now lol, one charged kill everything =P

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    • Owh ya, and also, I wonder, Reflex Coil for Charge speed as said, is Fury increase the Charge animation / Charge speed as well? Saw a topic talk about this before.

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    • Hmmm....if you don't like the screen shakes, go with DHS. I'm pretty sure Gram also has the screen shake-it's been too long, cannot remember. DHS is definitely better than Gram except for the aerial jump attack. As long as you get used to the idea of having longer charge attack range on the left side, it has greater arc than the Gram's charge attack, as well as having better crit, polarity, etc.Also, charge movement of DHS is more predictable too: it handles like charged dual skana/skana rather than a typical heavy weapon.

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    • Thanks, so my Orokin Catalyst, 80% to my DHS? :D

      So for heavy weapon, I better just go with Scindo when I could hold the screen shake (Actually I'm waiting for the Dagger Axe Skin of Scindo lol)

      Can you help me with some of the mods' questions I asked above? Sorry for ya disturb and interruption actually.. But thanks still for your reply!

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    • Had Orokin Reactor BP just now! Crafting in progress (Crafting 3 parts of Rhino also), should I potato my Ash or Rhino as well as DHS? =/

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    • May I ask what's the purpose of getting Fury for DHS?

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      • Potato-ed my DHS lol
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    • A Lone Tenno
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