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    06:48, June 1, 2013

    well, i really like how Gram looks like, but i'm worried about it's stats...

    i mean, why would i want to buy Gram when (by stats) i can get much more with Fragor/Scindo/Amphis?

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    • Actually Gram is from my sight a pretty much better weapon than the fragor/scindo or the amphis. It has a nice base damage and higher fire rate than the other heavy weapons! :)

      Ofc it's worth!

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    • Since it has a higher fire rate, the charge attack actually ends up being slightly faster.

      So considering this it's probably the best heavy for charge attack dps.

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    • Additionally, a lot of people don't like the way Scindo shakes the screen on a melee attack, and choose Gram instead for the extra damage to infested. Min-maxing isn't really necessary for this game and many people find a Gram quite effective.

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    • thx mate :D

      i'll buy it and try it out :)

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    • I've never tried a Gram or another heavy weapon, but I am really enjoying the Scindo. I use it as more of a CC weapon though instead of a DPS. I put a reflex coil, and north wind on it, and it slows everything down to a crawl. Best against infested though, from the bonus damage, and the wide AOE on the jump attack is absurdly good on the masses of chargers and runners.

      If you don't like screen shakes, stay away from Fury mods. This weapon is good enough with it's aoe groundpound and charge swings agains heavier units. You can run at your normal speed while you're charging the weapon, but you can't move at all when you swing it normally. because of that I like using it to rush into straggling single units for a clean, fast one shot kill without being slowed down or wasting ammo.

      Again I've never tried another heavy weapon, so I dont know how it's aoe range compares, but it is excelling at the task I built it for. I never fight infested without my scindo anymore.

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    • Something that the hammer does that Gram doesn't do is AoE. The hammers basic slams the ground and innately has a stun chance to surrounding enemies. this made CC easy pie. Put on the Brokk skin and load up Fury and fire mods and this thing really breaks down infested clumps. Although, I definitely wouldn't downplay the Gram's usefulness.

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    • I bought it didn't like it at all. It didn't deal  the damage I felt that it should due to how long it takes succesive hits to connect. It may have a higher sustained dps but it doesn't stagger on hit so the enemies are still blasting you in the face until they receive their follow-up vs the other two where it's only a single visit.

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    • Gram is the BEST damage dealer out there. With appropriate mods and an Ash frame or Loki, you can probably one-hit anything in this game, even ancients up to level 50. I never like CC control that much, since everything dies the instant I charge my Gram

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    • Personally, I tried to play with a Gram using my Loki warframe but it didn't seem that strong as when you swing, you are reduced to a walking speed (I know all heavy weapons do this). The multi-hit and damage makes it good for clearing crowds but it seemed horrible against bosses (I normally melee bosses to death) as they could just walk away while I tried to hit them.

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    • The Gram and Scindo are so similar that I'd say it comes down to which one you think looks better. I use Gram personally but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with Scindo in comparison.

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    • To clear your pissing contest confusion, GRAM is the better choice. It's an overall faster, stronger, and better sword, it's the lightest of the heavy swords and can pretty much one hit kill everything with it's AoE charge attack. This is a war between people that haven't even tried the GRAM and are too piss affraid to change their crappy melees into a better sword. Here's the evidence: 200/1.8=111.11 charge damage a second (AoE), with a huge radius, faster swing speed than other heavy swords, and better look/no screen rape. Scindo 200/2=100, fragdor 200/2= 100, and both are slower at swinging. And some of you are telling me GRAM isn't better? Sigh... Gram is like a pole stick that charges faster than all of the heavy melees and deals very high damage. Here's my loadout to show you how much I love this sword and not just for it's looks, but for it's damage: Fury: 60% attack speed, Reflex Coil: 60% Charge speed, Killing Blow: 150% charge damage, Sundering strike: 90% Armor piercing damage. With this, I deal 200x2.5=500 charge damage every second (reduced charge time from Fury and Reflex coil), and 90% of that extra added to every added, and for those who hate math that's 450 added. SO that's 950 armor ignor charge damage that's AoE and has a huge radius that hit every second. With Loki or Ash, their invisibility abilities double charge damage, imagine that damage doubled per second. I don't even have any extra mods added to that too, it's not on catalyst yet, forma for killing blow. Reach and extra damage mods will make me killi everything with this.

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    • added to every hit*




      sorry about that, not a fan of proofreading, I always get pissed off because I realise I waste my  time entering this piss contests between fanboys of what and what, so I don't proofread, but anyways, Gram is the better choice. Sure it doesn't outdamage some other melee weapons for single target damage like the Furax or the Dark Sword, but at least it's got a huge pole stick radius and AoE, and fast swing damage.

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    • Someone drank a lot of water for the pissing contest! :P

      I HAVE used the Gram and I think it's great, but it doesn't do what I'm looking for in a melee. You can't say this is best because dps or whatnot; technically noone can say one is best or another; simply preferance. That's my opinion, of course...

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    • Closing thread.

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