• Is there gonna be some kind of trading system so u can trade blueprints, weapons, mods and that all stuff?

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    • yes, but last time I heard it was going to be strictly for clans :I

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    • Yes, it is definetly a priority for DE. It just take them time because they have to think about how to avoid abuses. You know, every account starts with 50 plat so if you create enough accounts, you could get infinite potatoes/formas. So I guess it will be limited to the lootable ressources, mods and credits. Maybe bp too.

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    • well i got it, all they have to do is make tade key bnlue priints but not allow any trading of items that was bought with platnum, that way no matter what they cant cheat the system, which is totaly wrong, so please play the way the developers intended, i am all for the trading system, but their has to be a way to stop any mis use of the system. also ive heard even if they do this it will be only through clans, so maybe the clan officers would have to view eachb trade and make sure they know each member patiipating in the trade, and hasve trade logs, that way if someone attempted to scam the clan leaders, it will be in th logs, and that individual would be subject to restrictions added to their asccount, just some ideas i really hope the devs will see this and the many many posts saying we want to trade in game stuff, i dont even want to trade platnum items, just mods, blueprints etc. it would help each clan work together to obtain things for each other, just think it would dramaticallty cut down on the emails complaining about drop rates, cause all the sudden we could trade parts and craft an item that normally take weeks or even months to get all the parts,,, 

        thank you very much 

        warframe is awesome

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    • A Lone Tenno
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