Tigris Prime
Weapon Slot Primary
Weapon Type Shotgun
Trigger Type Duplex-Auto
Noise Level Alarming
Magazine Size 2 rounds/mag
Max Ammo 120 rounds
Reload Time 1.8 s
Disposition Disposition1Faint
Normal Attacks
Impact w Impact 156.0
Puncture w Puncture 156.0
Slash w Slash 1248.0
Best Damage % 80% Slash b Slash
Fire Rate 2.0 rounds/sec
Pellet Count 8 pellets/round
Flight Speed Hit-Scan
Conclave Eligible Yes
Related Weapons Sancti Tigris
An artifact of exquisite beauty. A weapon of deadly purpose.

The Tigris Prime is the primed variant of the Tigris shotgun.

Tigris Prime was added along with Nekros Prime and Galatine Prime in Hotfix: The Silver Grove 3.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 50
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum64 N/A Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: Credits64 N/A
Drop Locations
BlueprintNeo T1 Rare
Axi T1 Rare (V)
GenericGunPrimeBarrel BarrelLith V3 Uncommon
Lith V4 Uncommon
Lith K1 Uncommon (V)
GenericGunPrimeReceiver ReceiverMeso S6 Uncommon
Neo S6 Uncommon
Axi V5 Uncommon
Neo V3 Uncommon (V)
Stock StockNeo B2 Common
Meso S1 Common (V)
Neo V4 Common (V)
Lith/Meso/Neo/Axi refer to Void Relics
(V) Denotes Vaulted Void Relics


This weapon deals primarily Slash b Slash damage.


  • Highest base damage of all non-archwing weapons.
  • High Slash b Slash damage – effective against Infested, Flesh and Cloned Flesh.
  • Unique trigger type allows for two rapid shots against tough targets, or careful shot management against many weaker opponents. First shot on button press, the second on button release.
  • Efficient ammunition economy.
  • High base status chance, 100% status chance can be achieved with Toxic Barrage, Shell Shock, Frigid Blast and Scattering Inferno, making every pellet proc.
    • The very high base damage makes Slash b Slash procs deal very high damage.
  • Comes with Madurai Pol and Naramon Pol polarities.


  • Lower Impact b Impact and Puncture b Puncture damage – less effective against shielded and armored enemies.
    • Slash b Slash damage has a -15% damage reduction against Ferrite armor and a -50% reduction against alloy, making it weak against armor.
  • Inefficient against groups, unless using Punch Through mods.
  • Damage falloff over a distance.
  • Low magazine size, requires frequent reloading.


  • Tigris Prime, compared to the Tigris:
    • Higher base damage (1,560.0 vs. 1050.0).
      • Higher Impact b Impact damage (156.0 vs. 105.0).
      • Higher Puncture b Puncture damage (156.0 vs. 105.0).
      • Higher Slash b Slash damage (1,248.0 vs. 840.0).
    • Higher pellet count (8 vs. 5).
    • Higher critical chance (10.0% vs.5.0%).
    • Higher status chance (30.0% vs. 25.0%).
  • Tigris Prime, compared to the Sancti Tigris:
    • Higher base damage (1,560.0 vs. 1260.0).
      • Higher Impact b Impact damage (156.0 vs. 126.0).
      • Higher Puncture b Puncture damage (156.0 vs. 126.0).
      • Higher Slash b Slash damage (1,248.0 vs. 1008.0).
    • Higher pellet count (8 vs. 6).
    • Higher accuracy (9.1 vs 6.5).
    • Slower reload time (1.8 vs. 1.5).
    • Lower critical chance (10.0% vs. 15.0%).
    • Higher critical damage multiplier (2.0x vs. 1.5x).
    • Higher status chance (30.0% vs. 25.0%).
    • No innate Purity effect.


  • Due to the weapon's low magazine size and tight spread, consider using Seeking Force and/or Seeking Fury in order to deal with large groups more effectively.
  • Aiming down will increase weapon accuracy and decrease shotgun spread, making the Tigris more effective at medium ranges.


Tigris Prime Teaser

Tigris Prime Skins

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