Tile Sets are the environments in which players accomplish Missions. A tileset consists of at least 30 different tiles, which are rooms of varying sizes that can connect to other tiles to form the mission's maps. These tiles include locations like start rooms, end/extraction rooms, arena/boss rooms, hallways, defense and so on. A mission map is composed of multiple randomly-selected tiles connecting to each other in a procedurally-generated manner, ensuring a level of map layout variety between missions. 

Tile Sets can have environmental modifiers called Environmental Hazards that change warframe stats, or damage warframes. These include modifiers such as, sub-zero degrees (decreasing shields) and fire (damages the player and puts all enemies on alert). Some tiles feature dynamic terrain with moving cargo containers, specially made areas for parkour activities, zip lines, and randomly placed explosives.

There are currently around 22 unique tilesets, each with their own theme and appearance. Each location on the Star Chart can have one or more tilesets associated with them, and some tilesets are exclusive to certain locations.

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