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Extractors are drones that collect Resources for its owner. The first variant, Titan Extractor, was added in Update 11.

Titan ExtractorEdit

DETitan Extractor

The most basic type of all Extractors. It requires 4 hours to collect Resources.

Titan Extractor blueprints can be purchased in the Market for Credits64‍50,000. The blueprint is re-usable.

Manufacturing Requirements

Time: 6 hr
Rush: Platinum64 5
Market Price: N/A Blueprint Price: Credits64 50,000

Titan Extractor PrimeEdit

DETitan Extractor Prime

This extractor has twice the capacity of the common extractor.

It was only available to the Blaze and Inferno levels of Prime Access.

Manufacturing Requirements

Time: 6 hr
Rush: Platinum64 5
Market Price: N/A Blueprint Price: N/A

Distilling ExtractorEdit


The Distilling Extractor has a greater chance of collecting Uncommon and Rare resources.

This type of extractor follows exactly the same mechanics as common Titan. However, it takes 8 hours to collect resources instead of 4 hours. It requires a large amount of Oxium and far more Credits to build.

Distilling Extractor blueprints can be purchased in the Market for Credits64‍50,000.

Manufacturing Requirements

Time: 6 hr
Rush: Platinum64 5
Market Price: N/A Blueprint Price: Credits64 50,000

Distilling Extractor PrimeEdit


Compared to the Distilling Extractor, it has an increased chance to collect Uncommon and Rare resources.

It was only available to the Stomp level of Prime Access (Rhino) and the Prime Accessories pack.

Manufacturing Requirements

Time: 6 hr
Rush: Platinum64 5
Market Price: N/A Blueprint Price: N/A


How to useEdit

  1. Build Extractor in foundry — Claim when build is complete.
  2. Click on the Planet with the desirable resources.
    1. Note that you need to complete all the missions on the target planet to deploy the Extractor.
    2. After claiming the extractor from the foundry, you must log out and back into the game
  3. Click "Deploy Extractor" or press L3 on PlayStation 4.
  4. Select the desired Extractor.
  5. Keep an eye on the timer and health of the Extractor.
  6. Click "Collect Extractor" to get your Extractor back.

Number of deployable dronesEdit

The number of resource drones you can deploy is dependent on your Mastery Rank and whether or not you have Founder/Prime Access status. For every five mastery ranks, you can deploy one additional drone. Having Founder/Prime access lets you deploy one more additional drone. 

  • Mastery 0–4: 1 drone
  • Mastery 5-9: 2 drones
  • Mastery 10+: 3 drones
  • Founder/Prime Access: +1 drone each

The maximum of deployable drones is 5 with rank/founder/prime acesss combination.

Mechanic notesEdit

  • Extractors will begin to collect resources once deployed. Once the extraction has been completed, the resources must be collected manually.
    • The amount of resources collected is equal to picking up the resource four times on the planet. For many Rare resources (including Orokin Cells) this means a successful haul will result in four. For some (such as Neural Sensors) additional may be procured as certain Rare resources drop in groups of 1-3.
  • If the player recalls the Extractor before the timer is up all of the gathered resources for that period are lost.
  • The Extractor may take damage during each deployment. Failing to recall the Extractor before its health expires will result in the drone's destruction.
    • Higher level planets have a higher chance of damaging the Extractor.
    • This damage will never equal or exceed a fully restored drone, meaning an undamaged drone may be deployed without fear.
  • When the Extractor's health reaches zero, the collect/deploy button is replaced with an option to scrap it for 100 credits.
  • After deployment, you can view the Extractor's health bar by selecting the planet it is deployed on. The health bar is red and appears above the time remaining for mining. Health % and Progress % can also be viewed by hovering over the icon of the extractor on the System Map.
  • A damaged Extractor's health will slowly regenerate while it is not deployed, at a rate of approximately 1% per 5 minutes.


  • Phobos has no Research items, which may be desirable to some players.
  • Mars and Europa are the only two systems that have two Rare Resources.
  • As Mars has two Rare Resources, Morphics are much more likely to be harvested than normal.
  • A player who plays often may find it wise to build additional extractors. Damaged ones can be left in storage to repair while undamaged ones may be used in their place.
  • If your extractor is damaged and you wish to repair it, simply leave it in your inventory and over time, it will heal.


  • You may need to exit the game and reopen before the "deploy extractor" button appears. 
  • A drone that is at 100% progress is considered damage immune, regardless if the resources are collected.  So there's no need to worry about going to bed while your drones are collecting, granted they have sufficient health to last until they get to 100% progress.


  • The provided media appearance of the Titan Extractor is similar to those of the Sentinels, bearing connection cylinders, used to attach Cosmetics, and an eye on top of it.
    • The overall appearance of the Titan Extractor may also appear to be a combined form of multiple sentinels, a Carrier with its eye pointed upward while attaching its top into a reinforced Wyrm with two robotic arms instead of its bio-mechanical limbs.


Warframe - Titan Extractors - Everything You Need To Know04:25

Warframe - Titan Extractors - Everything You Need To Know

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