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Transmute four, unused, unfused artifacts into a new random artifact.

–In-game description

Transmutation is the method of combining unwanted mods in conjunction with credits, for a chance to create a more desirable mod.

Most types of mods, including Nightmare mods, Corrupted mods and even Aura mods are obtainable through this method.


Begin by clicking the Transmutation button at the mod screen. From here you can select unranked mods to be used for Transmutation. Once you have arranged the mods you want to fuse, simply click the Apply Transmutation button.

The cost of Transmutation varies depending on the rarity of mods used. Prices range from Credits 32px ‍12,000 to Credits 32px ‍36,000.

  • Credits 32px ‍12,000 for transmuting any 4 common mods.
  • Credits 32px ‍24,000 for transmuting any 4 uncommon mods.
  • Credits 32px ‍36,000 for transmuting any 4 rare mods.

The end result of Transmutation depends on the collective rarity of mods used. Transmuting 4 common mods have a chance to produce rarer mods, but less so when compared to transmutations using mods of higher value. For example: combining 4 different rare mods is costly but yields a greater chance of producing a rare mod from the transmutation.

Apart from it, the algorithm of transmutation is completely random — There are no recipes for even the simplest mods.


Example Of Transmutation Result
  • Currently the only mod exclusive to transmutation is Shield Flux.
  • You cannot use Fusion Cores or Mods you currently have equipped.
  • To select mods that have been upgraded, Ctrl+click four and then click transmute. 
  • There is no specific mod combination that produces a certain mod, and is purely based on rarity and chance, however polarity is a probable factor.
    • Fusing 4 V mods for example has a higher chance of producing a random V mod. 
  • Rare mods such as Reflex Guard, Stabilizer and Ammo Mutation mods can be awarded in Survival missions, giving newer players chances to easily fuse 4 rares (provided that they have the credits to do so).
  • As of 11.2.1, transmutation no longer produces Warframe abilities or Sentinel precepts (except on PS4), greatly increasing the chances of getting something useful. The penalty for fusing the same mod was also removed, making your chances of getting a rare mod the same regardless of whether you transmute 4 different or 4 identical rares.
    • The system was also changed during this time, and fusing 4 rares can sometimes result in common or uncommon mods.
    • Transmuting four rare Warframe abilities is a comparatively cheap way to try for almost any mod in the game.


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