Truth is an effect associated with the Arbiters of Hexis Syndicate, that is activated by acquiring affinity with a Syndicate Weapon or a weapon equipped with a Weapon Augment Mod. When triggered, Truth will release an AoE radial attack 25m around the player, dealing 1000 Gas b Gas damage and applying the Gas Status Effect to enemies in range. It will also restore 25% of the player's max Health, and boosts all 3 Parkour Maneuvers (Wall Latch and Aim Glide durations, as well as Bullet Jump velocity) by 25% for 30 seconds.

Truth WeaponsEdit

Source Amount

Telos Akbolto

Telos Boltor

Truth ModsEdit

Source Amount (at maxed rank) Weapon
+1 Silva & Aegis
+1 Jaw Sword
+1 Burston Prime
+1 Viper

See AlsoEdit

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