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    December 16, 2013 by 1uohdh

    Fun stuff, constant invasions. Just a couple questions on my mind, are we going to just update the mission categories and mission page every single time there is a finished invasion that changes it? or what exactly are we going to do about it? I note that the mission page is going to be deleted, so are we also just going to remove the mission lists per each category, or are we going to just change them individually? (On a side note, endless defence has the infested missions still on the list) (also, J-3 dissapeared off the face of the infested boss page, and there is no mention about actual gameplay on infested, i just feel there should be)( i should stop using all these parentheses) Then, a couple questions.

    Penta, how do you guys feel abo…

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  • 1uohdh

    Me and my little things.

    November 19, 2013 by 1uohdh

    So anyhow, I'd just like to mention some things that I'm curious as to your ideas on it.

    1. Adding total resource requirements to research weapons? 

    So the reason is, because considering the cost of making fieldrons, and everything, including total build time (excluding the time you waste trying to create and remake more detonites and such), so that some people who are low on resources now exactly what they need. I know I would much rather just look at the one list of stuff and make sure I don't run out of the resources.

    2. Stalker soloing?

    I don't know. I usually use vauban/nyx/trinity, and a soma, ignis, or a ballistica for main use weapons, and change up the other weapons to get mastery rank. And sometimes, i end up running into the stalker…

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    November 15, 2013 by 1uohdh

    Maybe it's just my bad luck, but The only thing i've ever gotten from stalker is dread BP's. i have 13 of them. 0 despairs or hates. is this just me?

    Also, I'll admit. sometimes i afk on defences and get left alone on like wave 15. but usually i can clear it, but then at the end of wave 20 (almost always) there's an enemy somehow stuck in the floor near the pod that I just CAN't kill.

    Note: gave up on trying to get the sc. my numbers dissapear too fast. but i did see 666's.

    And now we have a new pole! :D

    P.S. Yes, I know, Grammar.

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