Fun stuff, constant invasions. Just a couple questions on my mind, are we going to just update the mission categories and mission page every single time there is a finished invasion that changes it? or what exactly are we going to do about it? I note that the mission page is going to be deleted, so are we also just going to remove the mission lists per each category, or are we going to just change them individually? (On a side note, endless defence has the infested missions still on the list) (also, J-3 dissapeared off the face of the infested boss page, and there is no mention about actual gameplay on infested, i just feel there should be)( i should stop using all these parentheses) Then, a couple questions.

Penta, how do you guys feel about it? I know I love it, but do you guys enjoy playing with it, do you guys hate people who use it, etc. As well as do you think it will get a nerf in some fashion, damage costs or mastery rank?

Stalker. I haven't seem him lately, I haven't seen many complaints. Anything recent on him? Is he still uber overpowered, or what?

Then there's damage 2.0 changes (a day or two late for the actual release) what do you guys like about it? think it needs any change? how realistic do you think it is?

Next event. When do you guys think it'll be coming? What do you think it'll be? Are you excited?

I feel really awkward every time I make a blog.

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