So the Warframe skills were really lacking in any concrete information lately. I've been starting to add in damages, costs etc. but I thought it'd be helpful to explain a little of the logic behind the order and format I'm updating with.

I try to keep the most important information at the top and work my way down:

  1. Damage/Range/Duration values for the skill. Depending on the skill, sometimes its better here to have a concise description of what the skill actually does, the in-game tool tips are not accurate all the time. Sometimes you will need all three of these as a seperate bullet point. Keep the values and ranges in bold! Highlight the important information for quick digestion. Once you understand the format visually its easier to look at another Warframes abilites and see what they do at a glance. Add them for each level of the skill!
  2. Cost to equip the skill on your Warframe. Along with a quick reminder about Polarity and that it rounds up.
  3. Side effects of the skill and their damage/range/duration as appropriate. Can it headshot? Does it have a 5 second cast time? Does that make you invincible? Keep these as concise as possible while remaining accurate, seperate them, don't group different effects together unless necessary.
  4. Targeting/using/activating the skill how and when can they be used. Short and sweet! Sliding, Jumping, in air, wall running or clinging! All important to know.
  5. Factual bugs or uses of the skill that are unique to certain scenarios or enemies, as well as inconsistencies of use. Don't succumb to telling people how to use it, nobody likes that, just present them with the facts. People are smart they can work it out

As with any Wiki, I simply think its important to properly test something before you start adding rumours or "thoughts" on how you believe the skill work with this or that. Keep things to the facts, make a comment if you really want to voice yourself but be prepared that someone else knows better than you. Remember people come for information not your opinion, they can work out how to use the skills/warframes best based on accurate information presented to them.

If you don't know, test. If you can't be bothered to test or confirm something properly then just don't add anything! Go do something else, go play! You're just wasting peoples time by guessing or assuming.



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