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    I recently got this idea for new abilities for currently existing warframes. Since abilities come in the form of mods, we definitly have the space to put in new abilities with the player still able to custimize their frame as they want. As for the abilities, Im thinking of buffs like Valkry's Hysteria except with a twist to all the abilities.

    For example, frost's new ability

    • "Ice Age' Frost channels the ancient power of the cold and blasts ice missles at his enemies. These missles do x/x/x ice damage, cost no energy, lasts for x/x/x second, and the missles have specail interactions with frost's abilities.
    • "Freeze" When the missles hit a enemy frozen by freeze, the damage is amplified and it does not defreeze the enemy like gunfire
    • "Ice Wave" W…
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