Okay so we all know what happened to Heavy Caliber and Magnum Force right?

First they added damage at the cost of increased recoil, but there happened to be recoil-less weapons. So the devs changed the drawback to decreased accuracy. Unfortunately this had the side effect of making the risk outweigh the benefit for less-than-pinpoint weapons.

So here's my suggestion; input either penalty depending if the weapon has recoil or not.

Okay just to explain; any weapon that has recoil will recieve the recoil penalty, but any weapon without recoil will receive the accuracy penalty instead. Granted this isn't entirely foolproof (the Ignis will barely be affected by either drawback, and I'm not sure how to make this work with bows), but it's better than giving your Somas and Acrids allergies...

As always; feedback is much appreciated. Even if this is my first blog post, don't be afraid to point out any cons.

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