• AEP8FlyBoy

    Hello everyone, it's been a while since I last posted and I hope you all are still having fun with Warframe.

    I'm here today to discuss something that has been bugging me and a lot of my fellow Tenno for a while, is Heavy Caliber worth it?

    Typically, you could expect anyone to come up and say, Heavy Caliber... More damage? Of course it's worth it, but I'm debating to push that fact a slightly different direction.

    Elemental damage has been around since before the huge damage system overhaul, but it's typically the last thing someone mods for when they build their weapon loadouts. You'd assume that the increased amount of damage you receive for Heavy Caliber makes up the accuracy falloff that comes with it.

    Sometimes that isn't the case. Most fir…

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  • AEP8FlyBoy

    All right, as you all may know. Alad V is currently not to happy with us meddling with his plans yet again, and I can't help but wonder. I think he may be involved in the upcoming return of the long lost J-3 Golem.

    And with all respect, I've missed that little pulling, stinking bugger as much as the rest of us. But, it seems to me he's probably changed quite a bit since he was removed.

    See his quote in the middle of this entry. "I now command the most fierce and evolved infested in the system"? What could this mean... and what's with the phrase "We were their coaches?"
    With further analysis into this, I came up with either of two options.

    #1: It could be the return of the good ol' Infested J-3 Golem, with a huge cosmetic change and perhaps new ab…

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